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If You Cannot Sell, You Are Not in Business!

But, unless you can sell to the prospective clients that your marketing efforts brought in, you don’t make any money and you are quickly out of business. Sales are the linchpin of your coaching or consulting business. Without people buying your services and products, how long could you afford to be in business?

Attention Women: If You Are Talking, You Are Selling!

If your job involves talking, if probably involves selling! You’re selling – whether you realize it or not.

What Do You Say When Your Prospective Client Says “I Can’t Afford Your Services?”

I have been a sales coach and mentor for 11 years and I don’t believe in being aggressive at all – not just when handling money objections. Why would a client want to hire you if you are that pushy on the sales conversation? It’s jarring for the potential client and too much stress for you to have to sell that way.

The ABCs of Selling

Selling your services doesn’t have to be high-pressure pitches that you either need a script for (or a shot of tequila!) before you talk to your prospective clients. You can actually have a relaxed sales conversation and get those new clients without being a master of manipulation.

Holiday Hot Sells: 6 Secrets to Sky Rocket Your Wealth in 2012

Hopefully you’re ready to take on 2012 and planning how you’ll increase your wealth this year. If you’re not quite ready, there’s no time to waste, start getting prepared now so that can see the results you want. The sooner you’re ready to jump into action, the sooner you can watch your dreams manifest. Here are 6 secrets of successful businesses that will help sky rocket your wealth in 2012.

Make Building Your Business A Resolution for 2012

Building your business will and does take as much persistence as sticking to a new years resolution! In both cases in order to become successful you must first set a ‘realistic’ course of action or your efforts will fail, guaranteed! Read further to see the 3 things you absolutely must have to become successful at either keeping your resolutions or building a profitable business!

Finding Success As A Business Entrepreneur

The typical business entrepreneur above all else is a self starter but this trait alone will NOT guarantee they will become a success! Read further to discover the 3 things all successful entrepreneurs must either posses or focus upon in order to develop a thriving and long lasting business!

Why Saying No to Business Is Sometimes the Smartest Thing to Do

In this “new economy,” many business owners are stressing about securing enough business to make a profit. In the extreme, this often leads to saying yes to any and all prospects, projects and types of work. Unfortunately, this may not be the best business strategy!

If There’s Not Much to Feast On – Opening a Business in Post-Silicon Valley America, Part 2

Don’t Like, Don’t Love, Become Infatuated with what you do.   Many don’t think this is possible, but many people don’t want to be entrepreneurs.   Make it possible by choosing a business that combines the two “P’s” which are your “passion” for _______ and the ability for that passion to lead to realistic “profitability.

Is Your Business Cash Flowing or Cash No Showing?

Proper management of the cash flow in your business will determine the long-term success of your company. A business that is not cash flowing is considered a hobby, and we all know hobbies cost money. If you are a business owner and there is a cash flow issue, you will need to do a complete analysis of your business model from top – down.

Your Profit Plan For 2012

If you really want 2012 to be your breakthrough year, it’s essential to put your purpose and your message into a plan that you can go back to and look at (at least once a week) so you can stay focused, inspired and on track throughout the year. With a strong plan, focused on how many people you want to help, how much money you want to make and the steps to build the vision you want to create, you can accomplish more while staying in integrity with your passion. Here are the six steps of your very simple Business Plan (a condensed version of a section in our Authentic PROFITS System):

Popcorn of the Lower Brule

An old golden grain gets modern treatment on South Dakota’s Lower Brule Sioux Indian Reservation. Read how Lakota Foods is taking the art of popcorn to a new level.

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