Thinking of Starting A New Media Empire?

Female media startups are proliferating. These sites are offering an alternative to traditional media and using digital media in new and creative ways.

Can 50 Shades of Grey Help You Make Money Online?

It’s the hottest book of 2012 and has many English professors and professional writers in an uproar. Some claim its one of the worst books ever written while others are appalled at its content. Yet the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy have the ability to help you make money online.

Must You Run a Gold Medal Business to Run a Business Built for Success?

The International, four year love fest, The Olympic Games concluded Sunday. The major broadcaster online and on USA TV was NBC. Virtually everything was on tape delay. My son called it ‘fake’ drama as we knew the results already for almost every event, yet we still wanted to watch the event in the evening when we had the time to enjoy it. We skipped the final grand finale as we felt abused by the tape delay forcing us to watch a program, although commercial free, that we had no interest in to then see folks play music at midnight.

Are You Aligned With Your Business?

A good company mission statement effectively communicated, understood and followed is a guide for good business and good decision-making. Now even more than ever, businesses need to provide consistency for their customers, the marketplace, their staff and the community.

Why Crossing Your T’s And Dotting Your I’s Is So Important

I know that you guys are all probably getting tired of hearing me harp all the time on how important it is to get your paper work signed, sealed and delivered right from the beginning on each and every job. So I want to share with you what just happened on one of our recent jobs and how crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s saved our bacon.

The Marriage of Entrepreneurs and Opportunities

Let’s face it, we all love “happily-ever-after” stories… don’t we? well the wedding of an ENTREPRENEUR and OPPORTUNITY is not any different, just that some end up tragic… the choice is yours, or is it?

6 Things to Leave at Home on the Day of the Storage Auction

You all know what tools you should bring to the storage auction to help you succeed… but did you ever think about what you should leave at home? Pack light and bring only what’s necessary, and you can succeed!

Make Love With Your List

I’m a big fan of having an email or address list, blog, YouTube channel or some other way of staying in touch with the people that dig what you have to say, teach, or show them. Having a ‘list’ is a fantastic way to keep past, current and future customers happy.

The New Olympic Champions

This year, 2012, Britain has the great privilege of being host nation to the international Summer Olympic Games, for the third time in its history – the previous occasions being 1908 and 1948. London will be the only city ever to host three Olympiads!

How to Overcome Common Entrepreneurial Problems – Part 2

In this second part of our article on overcoming common entrepreneurial problems, we shall look at issues related to money and personalities. An entrepreneur who is wise enough to adequately tackle and overcome these setbacks stands a higher chance of developing a successful enterprise.

The 100 Best Business Books of All Time

Need a great idea? One of the quickest ways to find a high-quality idea for your business is to read a good book. But how do you find a “great” book, out of thousands of mediocre books?

How to Overcome Common Entrepreneurial Problems – Part 3

In this last part of the article on overcoming common entrepreneurial problems, we shall consider ethical and regulatory challenges and also succession planning. These issues are quite important to any entrepreneur in today’s business world.

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