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Become an Entrepreneur – How to Find Ideas for New Business

Purchasing a functioning business is a wonderful way to obtain a new business opportunity. This strategy can save you both time and money, and will likely cut back on the amount of risk you will be exposed to.

How to Double Your Profits Using Twitter

Do you want to increase traffic to your online business and in turn double your profit? If your answer is yes, all you need is to join twitter. Twitter provides numerous opportunities to grow your business by generating new clients through the platform it provides for you to make your posts. Below are three simple ways you can grow your business by generating new ‘followers’ daily and even transform them to new users of most of your products.

How You Can Earn Money From Home

Want to earn money from home and don’t know how? You can take advantage of the numerous opportunities available on the internet. The internet has provided the best platform for working online and doing business. Most of the opportunities do not need a huge amount of start-up capital in order to put them into operation and start earning an income. In fact some of the avenues of earning money require one to only have some basic computer skills in order to start making money.

What Made Me Successful

What is the answer to a successful life? One side says “take risks”, the other is in favour of mollycoddling and a “No Risk Environment”. What do you think is the answer?

6 Handy Tips for a CEO to Stay Healthy

While shouldering responsibilities and working relentlessly for the organization, the CEO often forgets to pay attention towards his deteriorating health. In this article, we will suggest some health tips to CEOs to help them work efficiently while leading a happy and stress-free life.

3 Things You Can Do to Build Credibility As a Business Coach or Consultant

Coaches and consultants need every advantage possible. This article is a quick look at 3 things you can work on immediately to improve your credibility as a coach or consultant.

How to Manage Your Fear

There are two types of fear: ones that serve us and ones that hold us back. Entrepreneurs are dead in the water if they do not learn how to manage the latter. Here is how to do just that.

Positioning and Controlling Franchise Candidates

A big entrepreneurial trend over the since 2005 has been the massive growth of franchise sales. As someone who has personally been sold a franchise and helped sell franchises, I’ve personally seen the pitfalls that most business brokers and sales agents make. This article will help you avoid those mistakes and increase your chances of selling more franchises.

6 Business Trends Baby Boomers Aren’t Ready for That Could Cost Millions

If you haven’t noticed, technology has made some massive leaps since 2005. The addition of the iPhone, iPad, and Social media are just a few things that are not only taking households by storm, but also businesses. How we market, acquire clients, and service clients is changing rapidly and for many stuck in the old-school “MBA” style of doing business, there’s a rude awakening coming.

6 Reasons Why 69% of Baby Boomers Say They Will Work During Retirement

A recent study by the U.S. census discovered that 69% of baby boomers surveyed said they would work in their retirement years. I found this study interesting and did more research on this topic and found these 6 common reasons WHY baby boomers were planning to work well into their retirement years.

The 4 Major Obstacles Entrepreneurial Baby Boomers Face When They Start a Business

Current employment trends are forces many baby boomers to stop looking for jobs and to start their own businesses. The problem with this is that there are hidden challenges that are unique to baby boomers.

Deciding Whether or Not to Use a Business Mentor May Make a Difference to Your Start Up

Whether you are just starting out or running a large company, it helps to have a mentor to whom you can turn to with questions large and small. These business mentors provide business consulting, coaching and training to companies and help you to focus on what your business needs.

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