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Don’t Believe the Media

Don’t believe the media, the negativity and overall reluctance for people to “do” is being fed by the media’s desire to tear down entire nations and families through crushing confidence. In other related articles I have discussed how the greater population are can’t do people, they are not willing to solve problems, and they are un-empowered to do great things.

Selling Your Business? Batten Down the Hatches for the Perfect Storm!

The massive group of baby boomer business owners will soon face the increasing scrutiny and selectivity of private equity and strategic buyers. Are you prepared?

Tips to Seal Deals and Sign Plenty of Video Production Contracts

If you know how to make better proposals, it’s easy to get more contracts and gain more profits from your video business. Are you happy with the results that your proposals produce? Do you feel that improving your proposal will generate more projects? Do you find it difficult to demonstrate the necessity of your video services in meetings you attend or documents you make?

Is It Better To Start An Aircraft Cleaning Service In An Ocean Front State?

Not long ago I was talking to an individual who was considering starting an aircraft washing service of his own at his local airport. He wanted to make sure that whichever airport he decided to clean airplanes at, and it might be more than one, that he pick an airport that had lots of aircraft and therefore lots of opportunity to make more money. Well, I guess that goes without saying, as that is the entrepreneurial mindset that one must have if they wish to be successful in business.

Should I Use Federal Aviation Administration Data to Help Me Start An Aircraft Washing Service?

A few months back a gentleman contacted me from the upper Midwest as he wanted to start an aircraft cleaning service, he told me that there was only one person cleaning aircraft on the local field, and he was only doing it on an on-call-basis, as he had a full-time job doing something else. My acquaintance asked me if I thought it made sense to get some business data first and prepare a business plan – yes, that always makes sense whenever someone is starting up a new business of course, and he’d already scouted the area for potential competition it seems.

Business Plans – How to Start Writing a Plan For Your Business

To me, business plans mean formal documents and I, for one, hate formal. If I can reword business plan to business map, it is easier to compose and for that matter, even easier to think about and plan in order to list the items and dates on paper! Just like in our education processes worldwide in this day and age, if it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth doing!! To me, a business map is a fun process. You can make this into fun and for that matter, in the business world, you should make it into fun – everyone hates boredom and dry material, so make it fun and you will achieve the end result 100 X faster and more effectively!

What Rules Are You Following and Who Do They Belong To Anyway?

Do you live by someone else’s rules? We all have some rules we must obey, such as what a stop sign requires that you do or when you need to file your taxes, but are you aware of all of the other rules you are living by? Are you: Too tall, too fat, too rich, too easy going? Do you have too many pets, live in a certain neighborhood, need to dress a certain way or visit relatives on a certain schedule?

Making a Business Sale Out of Your Normal Video Projects

In my video business career, I am so blessed to have yearly production contracts with the local chamber of commerce. These are two of their major award events. On those two occasions, I make every finalist a brief video that will be seen by approximately one thousand people. I get amazing publicity in this event. Another great thing about this is the big possibility of spending some time with each finalist company and use that to get more business opportunities.

Be an Entrepreneur

For everyone it starts with a curiosity and an excitement for the process. That is, the process of the transaction between two people to make a deal. A contract is so primal it sits at the very core of our humanity. Learning how to make good deals is a process that even a born entrepreneur must learn.

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring Solution for Award-Winning Bakery

Dealing with perishable goods is no easy thing for a business. In this situation there is always a big risk of important losses when something through the supply chain doesn’t work well. The truth is that keeping an eye on your products environment at any time it is vital for the company survival on today’s tough market. This is the need that a bakery that has activity in Sydney and Melbourne faced, trying to remain compliant with the HACCP (Hazarad Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Use Freelancers to Make Room for Marketing Your Video Production Company

Why do you feel that your market is only capable of paying low rates? Did you try quoting a job at a higher rate and didn’t get a lot of jobs because of it? I asked this question because that’s my mentality before. Then, one of my business mentors told me to be more audacious with my proposals and try quoting with a higher rate.

Sugar and the Busy Entrepreneur

As a busy entrepreneur, do you find yourself constantly battling sweet cravings? Do you have frustratingly low energy levels in the middle of the day? If so, you are not alone. Many entrepreneurs seek out sugary snacks during the day, as a way to boost energy levels and reduce stress.

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