My Coffee Company Is Going Broke


How to Improve Your Lease for Your Business?

If you own a business and lease the location where your business operates from, there is probably no more important document to your business than your lease. If you plan to sell your business…

Are You Saving Or Hoarding?

Over the past few weeks and months, something has been nagging at me. And I know that writing on this topic is not going to endear me to most financial types, however this is serious and it has been bothering me for some time. I have been observing it at networking meetings, on TV as I flip through the channels, and in professional newsletters. It is stated again and again, in differing ways, yet so often that now it is an accepted norm, an accepted belief.

Learning a Lesson From Our Pets

Some businesses allow employees to bring their dogs to work with them. It’s been known to be a great incentive when hiring new employees.

Making a Decision to Dream Big in Your Life

The people who plan and make a decision to persevere no matter what obstacles come their way will be the ones who succeed and make a difference for the better in their lives. The choice is yours, if you want to better your life or live in the same mediocrity that is getting you further and further away from success.

Mindset – Stop Thinking Like an Employee, Start Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

Life is a lot like “Survivor”, don’t burn your bridges current employers make the best for references. Make sure to give your current employer an adequate notice in writing of your departure. Most entrepreneurs and new small business owners fail within the first five years of business, because most new business owners don’t have a business plan.

Develop the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a mindset. You can choose to become an entrepreneur. Becoming an entrepreneur means that you own a business and earn money. That’s it! Learn how to start and run a business and you will attract an abundance of opportunities to make money and live the lifestyle you want.

How Do I Sell a Distressed Business?

As the Great Recession in the US starts to heal and spread through the economy, many business owners are looking to sell their business and regain control of their lives. For different reasons, the recession has been longer and deeper than many imagined, one of the main reasons why Chairman Bernanke at the Federal Reserve keeps saying he will not be raising interest rates for the ‘foreseeable future’ as he wants to make sure the growth in the economy is permanent and not temporary as happened during the Great Depression.

Video Production Business Tips – Cash Flow Management Tips for Videographers

The key word in the phrase “cash flow management” is “management.” You have to be methodical and persistent when it comes to how you solve your cash flow problems each day. Most inexperienced entrepreneurs think that the only way to improve cash flow is to generate more sales. Not so. There are some simple steps you can take to improve your cash flow position right now, without increasing sales.

4 Things Zombies Can Teach Us About Business

Zombies have always baffled me. How can anything that limited be so successful? And let’s face it, they are successful. They go viral in days and eat up market share at a rate that shames Apple. So I took a closer look at what they do and realized that, despite their awkward gate, success is not something they have stumbled upon. Like all successful organizations, there are some key things they are doing right…

How To Be A Social Entrepreneur

John Zitzner has really gone from success to significance. John lived the entrepreneurial dream of starting a company, then selling it. He used his success to become a significant player in the educational field.

Time Management: Your Daily To-Do List

Getting the right things done in your work day is so much easier when you know what you want to do and when you have the energy to do it. Let’s take a look at energy first.

Lessons In Success: How To Overcome Defeat and Beat What Keeps You Failing

There is no “secret” when it comes to winning in life. It’s about killing the things in your life that don’t serve you. Learn how to kill defeat and beat what keeps you failing!

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