My $100,000 Stock Portfolio | 18 Years Old


Can You Create a More Minimalist Office?

There is a peace and serenity that comes with letting go. Every time I rethink my space and toss out stuff, it feels like a fresh start.

Grow Your Ability To Gain Wealth In Business

Yes, starting a business is meant to meet a need in society; to provide goods and services; to be a solution, etc. but let’s not kid ourselves, one of the main reasons we start a business is to gain wealth! This brief article points out 5 principles for increasing your ability to gain wealth in business. Plus, you will receive a web-link to a Free Quick Read Entrepreneurs resource to show you how! Enjoy!

Are Pawn Shops Good Businesses?

If you’re wondering whether or not a pawn shop would be a good addition to your entrepreneurial portfolio, then keep reading. Although they are not for everyone, a pawn shop can be a great hedge during an economic downturn. By buying low and selling high, you can build this business into a lucrative establishment.

Entrepreneurs – 3 Ways to Grow Your Business Without Paying For Advertising

If you’re an entrepreneur, trying to grow your business can be a very expensive and time-consuming process. There are three ways that you can grow your business without wasting a dime on advertising. These methods require work on your part, but the rewards can be huge.

Become an Entrepreneur Through the Power of Your Customer List

Your customer list is the most powerful audience for developing a new business. If you’re ready to start your next entrepreneurial venture, look to your list to help you build a successful business before you create a single product.

Four Things Entrepreneurs Must Remember To Succeed

Entrepreneurs are creators, innovative problem-solvers, attentive customer service associates, efficient salesmen and so much more! But there are 4 unique traits that each entrepreneur must remember to help them stay focused, grateful and successful.

Promoting Business for Social Responsibility

Many businesses operate with the aim of maximizing their profits. For a long time, businesses have operated without considerations to the society and the environment. In recent years, legislation has been formed to ensure that businesses show a form of responsibility towards the communities in which they operate.

Your First Lawn Mowing Business!

You can build your own landscaping business starting with basic lawn mowing. Using nothing more than an inexpensive lawn mover and a phone, you can have your first mowing client the same day you start your business.

Carwash Business Startup Case Study – 50 Years Old With $50,000

Not long ago, I was presented an interesting case study. An individual with wanted to start a fully automatic carwash, had a piece of property, and could come up with potentially $100K but more realistically about $50K in real money. Also, he was ten years from retirement age and thought that this might be a decent business for him to start, and so, the question is; would it be a wise choice?

3 Key Questions That Help You Grow Your Business

Deciding to grow your business is one thing. Actually doing it and succeeding in it is quite another. Where do you start?

Looking for New Clients? You Need an Affiliate Program!

One of the principal ways I created a business so quickly and successfully was by creating an affiliate program. What is an affiliate program? It is a reward system for referrals to your business. In my case, I would offer a commission to peers, clients and others (affiliates) when people they referred to me signed on as clients. Offering a financial incentive encourages people to think about who they can refer to you; and they are likely to do it on a regular basis if they know they are making money each time.

Learning Business Success Secrets

In the quest to increase revenues and profits for their businesses, savvy entrepreneurs try to find ways to learn from the practical experience and hard-won knowledge of others. For example, it’s a good idea to create an informal advisory board for your company made up of business associates you trust — and particularly those who are strong in areas where you might be weak.

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