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Think Big And Act Boldly To Expand Your Business

Business owners who have a BIG vision and BIG goals are more likely to succeed in expanding their business. I believe most entrepreneurs DID have a big vision for themselves and their business when they started but that big vision can begin to fade pretty quickly without some nurturing. Envisioning your future and more specifically, your future business success, is vital if you want to expand beyond what you’ve achieved so far.

Business Exposure

The main ingredient to success is exposure. No business in any part of the world has survived without exposure. When gaining exposure it is important to gain ground by having a consistent message.

You Want Clients? Are You As Amazing As You Think You Are?

You’re a business owner. You want clients. You’d think that would be easy, wouldn’t you? You know you have great offers and you’re authentic and passionate about your work so why wouldn’t clients flock to throw money at you?

5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Your Own Business

After the fall of the US economy in 2008, more people have been trying their hand at entrepreneurship. Mainly because the need for multiple streams of income proved to be very relevant as the job and stock market crashed. However, starting a business is no paying matter and there are a few things to keep in mind as you venture into entrepreneurship.

How Joining a Community Benefits Would-Be Entrepreneurs

I have recently joined a Facebook Group of entrepreneurs and am surprised to find how uplifting it is, you feel you belong to a community of like-minded people, all with the same aims, all asking similar questions. It was set-up by a well known coach and super affiliate. There are many Facebook Groups you can join depending on your niche, some are open groups anyone can join others are closed groups where you have to be accepted as a member.

Cash, Credit, Or Contracts

Cash, Credit Or Contracts which one rules? Well, many would say cash. Unfortunately, contracts are king for one simple reason its everything.

Business Butter

What is the business butter? Well, it the bread and butter of business. When you make decisions you need to understand the what makes a business run.

How To Earn $100k Per Year Teaching Guitar and Transform Average Guitar Students Into Killer Players

Truth about teaching guitar: whether you’ve taught for twenty years or are just beginning with no prior experience, you’ve got the potential to reach high levels of success & make a great living teaching guitar. The most successful, super-earners in the guitar teaching community are neither smarter than you, nor do they have greater potential than you… plus they have all had to overcome the same (or greater) challenges than anything you’ve faced so far as a teacher.

How to Get a Ferrari As Your Company Car

How to get a Ferrari as your company car discusses the difference between getting a “normal” or more acceptable car versus a highland car like a Ferrari. Who can drive which car?

How to Get Independent Income

Are you tired of working 9-5 and only being paid by the hour? How can you get income independent from your “day job”? This article gives pointers.

Can the Determination That Drives Great Athletes Be Taught to Entrepreneurs?

Great athletes posses values that take them beyond their athletic skills and drive their success. Values like determination, overcoming obstacles and risk taking that are similar to the values that drive entrepreneurial success. By examining the life of a great athlete we may be able to better understand the role these values play in achieving entrepreneurial success.

26 Signs You’re a Caged Entrepreneur

Are you restless? Do you feel you haven’t found what you are looking for, but you don’t know what that is? Do you always feel that there is something else you should be doing?

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