Mcdonald’s Genious Business Model (its not selling burgers)


Government Contracting 101

The United States government has hundreds of federal agencies and each of these use contractors to provide various services and goods. This gives thousands of companies the opportunity to bid on these jobs and work for the federal government. Many businesses find these contracts very advantageous because the government is very likely to pay for any job they contract out.

The Great Recession’s Lasting Effect On Your Potential Start-Up Venture

A common mistake that young entrepreneurs make is unwittingly starting highly cyclical and highly risky businesses, when it hasn’t been all that long since the Great Recession in the U.S. was declared over by the National Bureau of Economic Research in June 2009.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Spiritual Entrepreneurs Make

While some spiritual entrepreneurs are struggling to stay afloat in this difficult economy, others are thriving. The article presents three reasons certain spiritual entrepreneurs succeed no matter what and explains how you can too.

How Do Enterprising Retailers Find Wholesale Suppliers?

The wholesale trade industry is a global enterprise. Millions of independent retailers have built up successful businesses selling products to their customers, either via online stores such as eBay, or in the more traditional retail outlets found on the high street or market stalls.

Challenges Faced By Small Entrepreneurs Trying to Brand New Products

Branding a new product implies differentiation. You want your product to stand out among the competition identified by brand. This article will try to enumerate the challenges. The good news is that they are not insurmountable.

What It Takes To Succeed In Entrepreneurialism

There is nothing wrong with working for someone and earning money that way. However, there are some people who feel the need for something larger than simply taking in what the company has to say. This is where the option to engage in entrepreneurialism becomes a possible thing to consider.

Discover Why Turning Global Environmental Preservation Into a Business Is Critical

In understanding how to turn global environmental preservation into a business we must first understand why it is so important to take global environmental action. I just read an alarming article today, the article stated that we are heading backwards on green house gas emissions after 20 years or more of attempting to limit them. We actually had the worst year of green house gas emissions to date; 5 percent more than in 2008. Green house gas emissions into the atmosphere is a major cause behind global warming. The reason humans have made no progress in addressing the impending environmental catastrophe, is because of business as usual. Profit and the possibility of loss of any profit, has caused business to ignore the impending environmental signs that indicate serious problems. Money in one form or another is the driver of environmental destruction. One potential remedy to this business model of profit at any cost, is to create and participate in a new business model. A new model is one that includes turning environmental preservation into a profitable business.

The Happy and Successful Entrepreneur

There is no one more successful than a happy entrepreneur. Aside from being happy with all the things that you are doing, you are also productive and effective. Happiness is indeed the secret to a lasting business.

Reason Why Business Fail

This article explain the challenges of owing a business. It explains what you have to watch out for as a business owner if you want your business to stand the test of time.

Compensation And Your Business

Business owners fall into the trap of not paying themselves for the work they do in their business. When it is time to hire someone, they have no idea what to pay them and have made no resources available to pay.

4 Types of Home Base Business That You Might Want To Consider

The best thing about life is people moves forward and innovate to make things easy. The gift of mind makes it all happen, imagine satellites giving us signal we haven’t thought that it’s possible but we are enjoying it now. Business established at home is that possible?

The Midlife Crisis Entrepreneur: 3 Questions to Turn Your Pain Into Your Path

Are you an Entrepreneur. Here are three questions you can use to turn your dream of starting your business into a step-by-step path to success.

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