Mastering Time Management: 12 Strategies To TRIPLE Your Productivity


What Is the First Step to Take When You Want to Start a Business?

What should you do if you decide you want to open up your own business? The first steps can seem overwhelming. Learn how to break down your list into manageable pieces.

How Can You Cause Change?

When I feel something is not right, I take action. Fortunately, all these years later, I have learned to be thoughtful in what action I take and am willing to look at what is not working and correct that and try new actions.

The Hidden Costs: 5 Key Considerations When Starting a Business

So, you want to start a business and are wondering where to begin and what it will cost… most would advise that you start with putting together a business plan, and I don’t contest that… you should, but it’s essential that you’re aware that most business plans, including all the research and financials that they include, do not give you an overall picture of all the costs involved, financial and otherwise. This article gives an overview of some key considerations to bear in mind.

Treat God Like a Little Dog

As an Entrepreneur, you know how important coincidence or synchronicity plays in your business. Being at the right place at the right time just sorta seems to “happen” for you. Once you’re tuned into it, synchronicity can happy anytime, anywhere. When you know to look for it, it’s amazing how it might show up in your life! Trust me…

Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs During Market Expansion

While launching their entrepreneurial ventures, business owners require wearing many hats. It is not just enough to determine business locations, but also imperative to identify the niche market.

How Well Do You Treat Your Business Ideas?

Do you do give your business ideas a chance to flourish? Or do you easily surrender to negative influences?

Ready, Willing and Able. Are You Ready to Become Your Own Boss?

What’s holding you back from becoming your own boss? In my experience, it can be summarized by assessing if you are ready, willing and able. You have to be mentally and emotionally ready, you must be willing to sacrifice the time and effort required, and you must be able to afford the investment of time, money and energy.

After Decades of Conditioning, India Is Re-Aligning Itself With the Culture of Entrepreneurship

Widespread disruption in the world of business has caused 70% of companies on the Fortune 1000 list to fall off the map since 2003. New entrepreneurs are emerging from nowhere to become dominant players.

Starting A Business – The 4 Things That Can Trip You Up

Starting a business is always exciting and we can easily be led by emotions. There are some things that we should all know before we jump in head first. These are a few pitfalls that are very common and hopefully you can avoid them on your journey.

Freedom Life In A Cubicle: The Myth

Can The Cubicle Life be a Freedom Life? Life freedom is the ultimate wealth solution in terms of health, wealth and time freedom.

They ARE Wrong or ARE They?

I know that for all of us there is some secret thrill when we said something about someone or some situation and we turned out to be right. I told you so, even when you don’t actually say it, gives us some sense of satisfaction and victory. Unfortunately, some people can actually be addicted to: “You are wrong and I am right!”

Connecting Businesses to the Global Market

The efficiency of a website design company has to do with the enhancement of a business investment. What newly business investment needs above publicity or marketing promotion is a highly customized website. A website development company is an asset to any business community, in order to give an absolute exposure on the World Wide Web.

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