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Dealing With Angel Investors

This article focuses on how to properly deal with angel investors. The article also showcases alternatives to angel investment and private funding.

Business Plans for Angel Investors

This article focuses on writing business plans for angel investors. There is also a discussion pertaining to the difference between angel investment and venture capital investment.

How to Write an Executive Summary

This article focuses on how to write an executive summary. This article also discusses how to put your executive summary into a business plan.

How to Start a Home Based Business and Grow It to Profitability

This article focuses on how to start a home based business. There is also a discussion regarding how to grow these types of businesses.

Working With Angel Investors

This article focuses on working with angel investors. Additional discussions focus on the differences between angel investors and venture capital firms.

Payday Lender SWOT Analysis

This article focuses on the development of a Payday Lender SWOT analysis. A discussion relating to SBA loans is also included.

How to Make Income on the Side As a Math Tutor

In today’s economy, individuals’ best interest is to utilize all knowledge and skills to supplement their income. Individuals who have a background in mathematics can become a math tutor to help individuals who may need assistance in their math classes.

Marketing Your Custom Lip Balm

This article will let you know how to make your own labels. You will get an idea of things to look out for when creating your own lip balm and starting your own small business.

Winning the Name Game

What is in a name? Everything about your business is about your name. Names allow others to seek someone out and find YOU specifically. Names are more than just what we are called, they are identification, especially across the Internet. The world is full of so many people, and inevitably there will be others with a similar name. So what it comes down to is a game. You have to find a way to push YOUR name out into the sight of the public by creating a unique label for your business.

The Manifestation Is Right in Front of Your Nose

Have you ever been hell bent on figuring something out or getting something important done only to bump into a brick wall? I went to Maui for a high school friend’s destination wedding and rented a house with several other friends. One morning we all woke up early and walked to a favorite breakfast spot on the ocean, The Gazebo.

Making Pretty Profits

Beauty is just skin deep, but undoubtedly it holds an important place in our minds. Salon business is in full swing as not only women, but men also want to look their best today. Therefore taking a franchise of a beauty salon can be a lucrative option. However one has to strive hard to make it better than the rest. Read on and be an expert in making your salon a success.

Entrepreneur 101

Those planning to become entrepreneurs usually create or look for a set of physical products to sell or certain services to offer. Then they select between buying a franchise or an old business, and setting up a business from scratch.

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