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A Contrarian God And Faith

There is a group of very successful investors known as contrarian investors. They typically go in the opposite direction of where the majority of other investors are investing. If most investors are bullish by investing actively in the stock market, the contrarian investor will be bearish by withdrawing his money from the market.

How to Make Money With Storage Units for Auction

Even if you’re not yet in the business of buy and sell, now is a good time to start looking at storage units for auction. One good reason to bid at self storage auctions is that you can join flea markets and sell these goods, there is a greater opportunity of earning in these flea markets. You may also opt to put some really good items on a popular online store. If you do not intend to sell items, it is still a good thing to find good quality items for the home without having to spend a lot of money.

Storage Units Auction – You Can Find Real Treasures

How do storage units auction work? If a tenant fails to pay his or her rent until the expiration of the contract, the storage facility is mandated by law to put the contents up for auction to the public. The most common storage auction proceeding is called sealed bidding. The bidding public have the chance to take a look at the contents of the unit that is up for auction.

Using Six Sigma Methods As an Entrepreneur

Someone who wishes to start a business as an entrepreneur should understand a few things first. They must have a solid and workable business plan, they must have the finances covered and they should have some experience in the field they are attempting to join. It also helps to be well-versed in the Six Sigma Methodology.

Top 6 Considerations In Establishing A Laundry Business

There could be more than a dozen considerations in establishing a laundry business, but these should be your magical top 6. More and more people are becoming busier today. So busy that they couldn’t even find time to wash their dirty clothes. Because of this, the laundry business is becoming very promising as well. To those who are looking for alternate source of income, establishing a laundry business is a good option. But still, there are lots of considerations you have to learn in your planning stage.

The Entrepreneurial Process

The process of starting a new venture can be daunting, especially if you do not know where to start or what the order of procedures are to follow. The following steps are a guideline of the order in which to do things before starting up.

So You Want to Be An Aspiring Entrepreneur

Article discusses what motivates aspiring millionaires. It also explains three different paths for aspiring millionaires.

Definite Purpose, Plan, Study and Action

One of the skills I learned in high school was how to write an excellent research paper. What I have discovered is that this skill, which I didn’t know before the class, was one that would serve me well in my endeavors to become successful in my personal life as well as in business. Napoleon Hill, in The Law of Success, repeated in different words what I learned in English class.

Weigh These Criteria When Selecting Retail Premises – Part Two

In part one of Weigh these Criteria When Selecting Retail Premises we dealt with the framework to selecting premises; today we examine the dollar and dime criteria that could go a long way in determining the success of your retail venture. The dollar and dime criteria. The Lease – Your lease for the premises will have a major influence on your success and future business aspirations and results. Here is a heads-up on what you should be looking for.

What Does It Take To Succeed In A Car Wash Business?

Does it take guts, money or passion to succeed in a car wash business? Do you have to have all three to beat the competitions? There may be a lot of car wash businesses in the market today, but we’ll focus on one. Here are some kinds of a car wash business.

As a Business Entrepreneur, Did You Plan Your Business Strategy?

Now that you’ve chosen your niche, registered your domain name, set up your blog and started posting and promoting your products, submitting articles and begun making a list of contacts, did you think that you would have to create a business strategy? Whoever thought that being an entrepreneur would involve so many steps?

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The world lately has been turned upside down. There has been a complete economic meltdown, worldwide. It’s a scary place out there and there are no guarantees any more.

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