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Seeking Angel Investors?

This article focuses on how to properly acquire angel investment for a business. There is an additional focus regarding hosted events where people can connect with private funding sources.

Angel Investor Directory

This article focuses on the use of angel investor directories. There is an additional discussion regarding alternatives to finding private funding in regards this matter.

Catering Vehicles and the Mobile Catering Business

Getting Started with Catering Vehicles – Purchasing quality catering vehicles is the first step in an extremely profitable mobile catering business. It is not advised to jump straight in at the deep end however without a good plan. There are so many things to consider; the type of vehicle, the products, location and working hours and once all of these have been planned out effectively you will be almost certain to find your feet.

How to Do an Elevator Pitch

This article focuses on how to properly propose a potential investment to a private investor very quickly. There is also a discussion regarding documentation and an elevator pitch.

Business Opportunities in IT Franchising

There are a lot of technology firms which already have a successful product or service, and would be very pleased to enter into a continuing contractual relationship with other business if only such business would operate under their trade name and with their guidance, in exchange for a fee. These companies which can either be local or foreign business, give entrepreneurs the opportunity to set up businesses for themselves, but not on their own.

Entrepreneurs Can Take Advantage of the Recession

What are the issues facing Entrepreneurs today? How can they take advantage in the recession? And what about all the SMEs doing nothing to innovate in a time where we need change and innovation more than ever.

Unsecured Bad Credit Business Loans – How To Get One

In this article, we discuss how to get an unsecured bad credit business loan. We also discuss the need for a business plan when a business applies for this type of financing.

Need a Bad Credit Business Loan? Here Is How to Get One

This article focuses on how to obtain a bad credit business loan. There is also a discussion regarding private small business investment as an alternative.

The Most Important Things In Business

For most business CEOs, the owner position offers more than just one job title. They are in charge of everything, from creation to bookkeeping to management. What every business owner must consider is what is important in business. There are three main principles in business that lead to success, such as being able to communicate purpose, bring innovative and new ideas to the table, and the process of growth. While an owner plays the part of almost every character in their business, they must also be able to manage these important principles of business.

Need to Find an Angel Investor? Here Is 3 Ways to Find Them

This article discusses how to find angel investors. There is also a discussion regarding how to present an idea to a potential funding source.

Legacy of Jobs

Steve Jobs has become immortal upon his death. His wonderful creations, his passion and his uncanny drive- all have made him a superstar reigning in stratospheric heights. Jobs showed an “unconventional” path to life. The urge to run by the heart, instead of the brain. Chase after what the heart desires, instead of conventional establishment.

Nurturing The Entrepreneur In Your Child

Business Owners should be training their children to use their gifts to make money. This article encourages business owners to nurture their childpreneur.

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