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Don’t Allow Your Commitment to Comfort Rob You Of Success!

Everything in our lives is connected. On the surface it might appear we have a problem in one area of our lives when really the problem stems from a different area of our lives.

Talking Points You Need To Know Before Forming A Joint Venture

There are many situations in the diverse world of business today that justify the need to enter into a joint venture marketing partnership. After hearing about joint venture marketing, someone might be excited about having their business transformed by creating an alliance with another successful and related business.

Sell Jewelry With A Story

A few years ago I visited an island resort along the coastline of Florida and spent hours on the beach collecting beautiful shells. It was this experience which led me to sell jewelry with a story. You may wish to add a story to your jewelry designs to make more sales.

Advantages to Using Arbitration

Arbitration is a worthwhile option to be borne in mind and a welcome alternative to the traditional court system when it comes to signing a commercial contract. This is especially true in Spain and for companies that the new to the country and unaware of the legal system.

Three Steps to Carve Out Your Entrepreneurial Niche

Your niche is the world that you carve out for yourself. It is some area where you become a recognized expert.

My Dirty Little Secret for Getting Projects Done

How to assure you finish writing that book, launch your next program, get your money-making projects out to the world When you have a “job,” you get things done because you have to. When the boss says that a project needs to be completed by a certain day, it gets completed. Of course it does. That’s part of the job. If you didn’t get things done on schedule, you wouldn’t have the job for very long. But when you work for yourself, all of the assumed accountability goes away. You have no one to answer to. Nobody gives you a deadline. You need to create your OWN schedule, and hold YOURSELF responsible.

5 Tips for Mastering Your Beliefs

If there is one thing that holds the most power over your success, you can bet that it comes down to your beliefs. Before you even have the opportunity to consciously process the reason behind your actions, and the results those actions put in play, your beliefs are at work determining whether you are headed toward success or disaster. Here is your opportunity to learn how to master your beliefs and head for success.

Brand Like Elvis, If You Want a Big Brand

Elvis “The King” Presley, has been dead for just over 25 years and his popularity is as big as ever with kids who were not even born when he died, still enjoying his music. So what can you learn from Elvis that will help you grow your business?

Set SMART Financial Goals

This week I’ve been busy spending time with Jude and getting him ready for kindergarten. I can’t believe this time has come! It’s bittersweet because I’m looking forward to more time, but at the same time I’m a little sad that we won’t be able to just “pick-up and go” anymore.

5 Powerful Tips to Consider Before You Start a Catholic Business

There are about 1.2 billion Catholics in the world. With that many people with something in common, there is a great opportunity not only to build a great business but one that is socially good and virtuous.

What You Need to Qualify for a Credit Card Sales Loan

When the time arrives where you want some extra for an important purchase, do you know where to go and what to submit? Lots of entrepreneurs feel that the only place they can attain capital from is the bank or family and friends, but companies providing a credit card sales loan or merchant loan are also an excellent supplier of funding.

Stay Competitive: Tips for the Small Business Owner

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are constantly on the go and looking for new ways to grow their profits and remain competitive in this economy. With the evolution of cloud technology, this is now more possible than ever before.

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