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A Big Picture Approach to Supply Chain Management

Essentially, a supply chain encompasses all the elements and procedures that “take a product from dirt to dirt.” For example, the series of processing for cornflakes start when a farmer plants a corn crop. At harvest, the farmer sells the corn to a processing plant which bakes the corn into cornflakes. The cornflakes are processed, packaged, warehoused, distributed, placed on a store shelf, sold to a consumer, and eaten.

Brand Authenticity

I had an opportunity to spend a few days at the National Speakers Association meeting just recently and it was quite the event. From what I heard, there were approximately 1200+ speakers, trainers and coaches in attendance for the four-day event. 

Why Is Digital Fabric Printing Becoming More Important?

Digital fabric printing can be achieved by several different methods and has made great advances in recent years. This has meant its importance has increased dramatically due to the fact that print buyers and specifiers recognise these advances. There are many different markets where the reliance upon digital fabric printing is now crucial. One such sector where this has become extremely important is in brand awareness and development.

Registering a Pennsylvania Foreign Corporation

If you’re incorporated in another state, but you’re expanding your business into Pennsylvania, you probably need to register as a Pennsylvania foreign corporation. This article helps you understand not only when but how you must register.

Getting Help So You Can Grow In 5 Simple Steps

Many of my clients are in a stage where in order to take their business to the next level; they HAVE to get some type of help. There is no way I could accomplish all I do without my team who is behind the scenes!

The Importance of Start Up Capital

A little over a month a ago we closed the doors to my start-up coffee shop. I had spent a year and a half working to make business ownership a reality, and less than two months after we opened we had to shut down.

7 More Tips New Freelancers Should Know But Are Never Told

Every freelancer has read the how-tos to get started and do well. But there are still a few things every freelancer will stumble over at some point. Here are seven more tips that every new freelancer should think about but are never discussed.

3 Quick and Easy Steps to Find Online Business Ideas

If you’re attempting to do online business, then you want to make sure you have online business ideas suited to your personality and character. In the next few paragraphs, we’re going to look at 3 essential steps that you MUST follow to find online business ideas to jot down. By following these three simple steps, you will find the right business to pursue online.

Starting a Letting Agency Online

Are you looking for a new business idea? Are you thinking about having a go and starting your own business? Well, there has never been a better time to break into the lucrative world of property rentals than right now! And that’s why starting a Letting Agency is a great business idea.

Steps and Advice on How to Start a Business

To start a business is an exciting adventure, one that will challenge the entrepreneur in you. You can increase your chances of success by following these basic steps.

Benefits of Purchasing Your Own Coffee Vans

Coffee vans have become very popular over the past couple years because people are busy with their everyday responsibilities and activities, that making a cup of coffee or going down the nearest coffee shop is impossible. When people are leaving for work every morning, they need a cup a cup of coffee. Therefore, these vans offer these people a cup of their favorite coffee or espresso while they go to work every morning.

How to Create One Million American Jobs

If Congress exempted prison industries from labor and employment restrictions, a million jobs would be created — and not just inside American prisons. American prisoners need to work at hard labor for everyone’s benefit.

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