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Time Is Never on the Entrepreneur’s Side

Time is never the driven Entrepreneur’s friend. The example I cite here is not unique and we see it occur all too often. If an idea is worth pursuing, it is worth pursuing with aggression, a customized Marketing Strategy and with a healthy fear and paranoia of probable competition.

Have You Restocked Your LinkedIn Keyword Pantry Yet?

By now you are probably tired of my concentration on this point. Sorry about that. But the more our marketing plans include Internet-based tools and techniques, the more we have to rely on keywords — not just which ones but where we put them and sometimes how often we include them.

Business Planning – Some Tips

Some tips to consider when writing a business plan, and the various elements which one should consider. Here we discuss some of the common areas that you should consider when creating a business plan.

The X Factor

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? It’s not always a matter of having the best skills and ivy league training. Let’s look at your business. Where can we find the X Factor or a hint of ‘je ne sais quoi’ in what you do? One thing is for certain, you definitely know when you have it, or have done something that has a bit of ‘je ne sais quoi’ about it. People WILL notice!

The Link Between Entrepreneurs and Learners

Real joy in the business world comes with a passion to learn. The success of entrepreneurs is better measured not only by how much their business has grown but also by how much they have learned in the process of reaching that success. The rewards brought by learning contribute to the success of an entrepreneur. But one must understand that the path of entrepreneurs is long, maybe endless, and complicated to which they must endure with pride and pleasure.

How to Write a Business Plan

A business plan acts as a road map to the small business owner. It is a comprehensive document that gives information about the business. It requires information on how it will manage funds and people. It will include the promotion and marketing.

Get People Talking About You!

Wouldn’t you love to get your business message out in a big way and create an unpaid sales team? Educate your audience to know exactly how to introduce the right people to your business. Create a buzz in your business so people know you as the solution to their problems. Generating ideal prospects who are raising their hand to do business with you.

Do You Need BFFs To Run A Successful Business?

Who do you spend most of your time with? You might have heard this quote before, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” The point is, who are you spending most of your time with?

How to Find Your Business Idea

There are creative ways to come up with a business idea that will not have you digging in your wallet to execute it. We will explore the business idea with a process called 20 buck brainstorming.

5 Common Agreements That Hurt Us As Entrepreneurs (And What to Do About It)

This article explores the way in which we create agreements with the people around us which ultimately limit our potential. “Being an entrepreneur is hard.” and “You know how it is.” When we nod in agreement, we are creating or affirming a belief that this is true. In this article we confront the impact and look at how else we can respond to agreements that don’t serve us.

The Importance of Developing a Culture

In business, sustaining an organization with productive and happy employees can be significantly important to the success of an organization. When developing a small business, the consideration of corporate culture may not seem like the most important concept in the beginning, however, being able to develop a culture in which your employees enjoy working can make or break the organization. The article speaks to the importance of developing a culture in which your employees enjoy working for your organization and the possibility of increasing your bottom line through investment in corporate culture.

Cartoon Character Licensing – An Overview

It is the word “licensing” that should clue you in here to what exactly cartoon character licensing is. Licensing, you see, is the use (by lease or rent) of an intangible asset (an intangible asset being something you can’t actually get your hands on).

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