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3 Easy Steps to Destroy a Business Relationship

Why would I want to tell you how to destroy a business relationship, when your goal is to build one? The answer is that we can often learn as much or more by understanding what not to do as we would if we were told what to do. So let’s learn from the mistakes of others.

NP Business Tip: Business Taxes – An Overview

Twenty years ago, when I started my business, I learned the hard way that I had to pay business taxes in the form of quarterly federal and state taxes. My ignorance had put me in a financial bind. I had to come up with a big chunk of money, which included taxes, late fees and penalties.

Out of Work and Can’t Retire

The bad news is you have no steady income. The unemployment check is going to run out – or maybe it has. Unfortunately you still have to eat and need a place to sleep until things “get better”.

3 Steps to Forming a Business Relationship

Although building a business relationship depends on an equal exchange of value, there are three key steps that you can take to help you do it. The first one is to give away your best value.

How to Build a Value-Based Business Relationship

Business, today, is ostensibly about relationships. You could argue, quite convincingly as it happens, that few actually care about genuine ones. What is more likely is that many merely pretend that they care when in actual fact they’re only interested in the customer’s money. Is this the view of a cynic, or is it nearer to the truth than we’d like to admit?

Opportunities, Opportunity Cost, And What It Takes To Succeed

For everything we do, we miss out on opportunities to do something else. For every opportunity we lose, there is some other gain we experience from the path we take. Economists refer to this as ‘opportunity cost’. I refer to this as ‘life’.

Why Some Mastermind Groups Don’t Work

In business circles, Mastermind groups are gaining in popularity. If you’re not in one now, you probably have been, or know some who has. The concept was first discussed in Napoleon Hill’s book, Think & Grow Rich, which was published in 1937, but is has only been in the past few years that they’ve really taken off.

55 And Over Can Be Online Entrepreneurs, Too!

For many seniors, being their own boss was just a dream. The internet offers the opportunity to make their dreams become realities. General info can help you make a wise decision.

5 Tips to Get Yourself Unstuck and Back on Track

It happens to all of us at varying times. We get stuck. We know what we “want” to be doing, or where we “should” be going, or what we “ought” to be achieving.

The Executive Summary – Detailing Financial Requirements

Financial education today is essential in order to secure your very own retirement savings. In order to have a better financial position, you need to change your overall mindset to achieve greater results. There are some conventions made in our very own thinking that typically causes a lot of problems financially.

Storage Units and How to Make Money With Them

Storage units can have great items stored inside of them. When the renter of a storage unit does not pay their monthly rent for a period of three months the unit will go up for a public auction. When this happens you can bid on the unit and purchase all the contents inside. If you get the unit for a good price then you can turn a profit. If you overpay or the unit then you can lose money very fast.

What Are The 7 Levers Of Business?

The 7 levers of business are 7 areas of any business that can be improved to provide growth. They can show how a systematic approach to making small increases in each one could almost double your profits in less than a year.

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