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Appreciate Your Adversaries

It’s the season of love and joy. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, who brought a message of love to the world and taught us to love our enemies… which many of us find hard to do. If you struggle with loving your enemies, maybe you can start by appreciating your adversaries….

Knowing If You’re An Entrepreneur

You might be asking yourself, are you an entrepreneur. While the easy answer is, if you believe you are then you are. The truth is that it is a tough road. There is incredible risk and many times no rewards. So to be a successful entrepreneur, it is in your best interest to have a mentor to help you reach your goals.

Ok People: It’s Time! It’s Time to Stop Giving Yourself Away!

There are so many of us who just aren’t charging what we should be, what we’re really worth. Are you one of those people? Are you scared that you’ll chase people away if you raise your prices? Are you offering discounts before people even ask, because you think no one will pay what you really should be charging?

This Is My Entrepreneur Story

Imagine having everything going your way, then your health is lost and in an instant everything comes crashing down on you. This was and is my entrepreneur story. I believe that we decide how we want to live our lives and so I applied the same principals to getting my health back. i am hear and able to help others succeed, so that they can develop their own entrepreneur story.

Job Shadowing

All too frequently when people think about starting a business, it’s one that they have no experience in working or running. Whether it’s an old dream or just a frivolous whim, it’s become quite common to see someone starting up a restaurant, bed & breakfast, and many other types of businesses without any experience, knowledge or idea of what it’s like to even work in such an establishment. Starting a business can be fraught with risk even when the owner is experienced within the field or industry but there are many more consequences to consider when starting…

The One Thing That Sets You Apart From the Competition

Do you sometimes worry about the competition? Do you wonder how and if it’s possible for you to find enough clients, when there are so many other coaches/trainers/consultants etc. out there?

Who Do You Need to Be in Your Business?

Many women entrepreneurs I meet are NOT playing their bigger game. They’re not fully claiming ownership of all their wonderful gifts and skills, and they’re not fully sharing those gifts with the world. What holds you back from being your very best, most empowered and authentic YOU in your business is very often the feeling that you will not be safe if you change.

How To Earn Extra Money With An Online Business

Both for people in the active work force as well as those retired, current economic conditions are causing the need for extra money, just to survive each month. In most cases the need becomes a case of desperate panic, which usually results in frustration and failure.

A Look At Entrepreneur Qualities

What entrepreneur qualities do you have to have to make your dreams come true? If you strip away everything else, the most important quality is the ability to see and stay focused on the big picture. Everything revolves around that aspect of an entrepreneur. With that quality the rest will fall into place.

How to Better Define Your Goals

Timothy Ferris, the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, says that you need to define your goals. It is important to define the end result of what you are going to strive for over the long run.

Build a Virtual Startup Team

When you start a business, you will find that you cannot do everything and you may be tempted to hire staff, but there is no need. The article describes many other ways to get help without having a payroll to worry about.

Kettle Corn Trucks Turn Profit Like Hotcakes

Kettle corn trucks (stands, too!) are wonderful for many reasons: they’re profitable, easy to maintain, and always will have a piece in people’s hearts – after all, who doesn’t love kettle corn? The best part is that opening your own is very easy. Learn about the benefits, start-up costs, earning potential, & more!

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