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Is It The Breakdown Before the Breakthrough?

For many entrepreneurs fear of the unknown keeps us from success. We make steady progress, only to quit while we’re ahead. Pushing through these fears and holding on is the best way to set yourself up for a well-deserved breakthrough.

As A Home Based Entrepreneur – How High Can You Jump?

Home based entrepreneurs can sometimes be found guilty of restricting themselves and never reaching their true potential. To explain what I mean by that I want to tell you about fleas!

Is Marketing or Clarity the Key to Success? (Struggling, Striving, Building, or Thriving?)

If you could wave a magic wand and choose between only one of the following to have firmly in your grasp tomorrow, which would you choose: Flawless execution of all of the latest Internet marketing strategies and tactics or complete personal clarity and confidence in who you are and what you do? Which do you think is more important to your business success?

Finding Success In Life – A Balancing Act

Many people think of success as having a lot of money. Others say it is tied up in having a good family. It’s possible that there are other standards for success as well. Here we examine what success is and how you can measure it for yourself so that in the end you can answer that important question: How do YOU measure success?

Starting A Medical Coding Business From Your Home

With an aging population worldwide the health care industry is thriving and is predicated to grow. Today there are far more tests, and procedures being performed than there were ten years ago and the numbers are expected to keep growing. A number of industries have turned to outsourcing certain jobs and similarly the health care industry is also into outsourcing medical transcriptions and coding.

Advantages of Self-Employment

Are you planning to build up your own career by starting your own job? Well actually, that is a good thing because there are actually a lot of advantages of being self-employed. There are numerous reasons why you should actually employ yourself.

What Is Holding You Back? Identify Your Blocks and Move Forward Today

Find out what is holding you back from achieving the results you desire. Start moving forward today.

Inside Scoop About My Three Marriages?

There are three relationships that I hold sacred in my business. Without these relationships, the success I have achieved would not be possible. Without these relationships, my reach and my impact would be a fraction of what I’ve been able to create. Without these relationships, my level of fulfillment and satisfaction would pale in comparison to what I experience every day in my business.

Starting a New Business

Are you dreaming about starting a business? Starting a new business is exciting and demanding.

When Being Driven Takes You to the Dark Side

In order to get more results, many of us condition ourselves to rise above our mental and physical limitations. We challenge ourselves to achieve the unimaginable in record time. Often we look around at everyone else, notice what (we think) they are accomplishing, compare ourselves to their success, feel behind, and say, “I should be doing that too!”

Some Food for Thought: The “It” Factor

The roots of any successful venture eventually flourishes by the motivation of people in motion; the state of the entrepreneurial mindset to move forward despite the odds. What driving force inside these people causes them to achieve where others fail or give up? Have you ever sensed you were in the presence of someone whom you knew was going to be successful? It’s that intangible factor that you just feel when you meet that person. The “it” factor; impalpable, but comprehendible?

George Eastman, An Unlikely Entrepreneur

Discover the history of an entrepreneur who came from unlikely beginnings to build an incredible success story. George Eastman has a biography that all entrepreneurs can learn from. As a middle school drop out with no money George Eastman proved that it’s more about who you are then where you came from. His background proves there are no excuses. Your success is up to you.

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