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Economic Catastrophe Looms Ahead on Every Street Corner

Doomsday! Here it comes! Another major economic downturn is headed your way! Are you ready? Or do you have your head in the sand because you are trying to be optimistic. After all, unemployment seems to be inching down and the Dow has recently soared to record highs once again. Economic Armageddon is right around the corner and the smart business owner will not be caught with his or her pants down.There are simple facts that cannot be ignored forever.

Operations – Eyes Up to See the Future

Operations ‘Operations’ as such has never been a recognisable profession but it is the ‘sine qua non’ (defined by Wikipedia as ” an indispensable and essential action, condition, or ingredient” of business. In a shop operations ensure that it opens and closes on time, that the shelves are stacked, that the right staff is present with all the background organisation that this entails. Shop, factory or service provider, without operations you don’t have a business.

Time and Motion

The ‘science’ of Operations Research, if that’s what it was, encouraged us to look at output first and inputs thereafter. British Rail, the late and largely unlamented nationalised rail operator in Britain, focussed on running lots and lots of trains. It took an outsider to ask ‘why’?

Taking Shortcuts in Order to Secure Investment Funds Insures Failure

There are a near endless number of deals and projects seeking a finite amount of capital. If you seriously believe your project deserves consideration for funding then fully demonstrate your passion. Do not take shortcuts. If you do you simply obviate yourself and your project from any possibility of success.

The Analysis Paralysis Aka What I Learned About Project Management From a Truck Driver

It is hard to be a perfectionist, because it means the job is never finished. You can always tweak that presentation to make it better. You can run another study. You can research a little more. You can create another experiment. There is always more to do. You can always read more explore more, and learn more. Be careful not to get caught in this trap.

Finding Ghostwriters

I have an online business to run and attracting quality traffic to my websites is of utmost importance. Nowadays, article marketing is arguably the most trusted and most efficient tool for generating a good deal of traffic. They say, “Content is king”. Articles contain valuable information that online visitors search for. This post talks about how you can find a ghostwriter for outsourcing for your business.

Art of Entrepreneurship

One guy who created miniature frames out of his home garage is worth $4.5 billion net today. Boris Jairala could be next as his two worlds collide with Here After Frames.

Upgrade Your Game

In general, people think pretty well of themselves. In fact, about 90% of people feel like they are ‘above average’. Even if you sometimes struggle with self-esteem, failure, or wounded pride, there are certainly skills that you have that you feel good about.

Schedule Your Office Cleaning

If you have thought about hiring an office cleaning company for your place of work, then there is a chance that you would rather avoid the amount of money that it would cost you. It might seem like a daunting prospect when you first thing about it, but you should actually find that provided that you only have a small office, you will be able to deal with all of the cleaning on your own.

How You React To A Business Failure Is Crucial For Success The Second Time Around

Business failure is part of taking chances in life. However, how you react to such a failure could decide whether or not you will be able to recover and be successful in the future.

Organizational InQuisitiveness (OQ) – A Precursor to Success With Big Data

Organization’s preparedness is about an organization’s ability to leverage the big data in a big way. And their capacity to leverage is directly dependent on the ability of an organization and its members to think critically.

The Top 5 Issues Facing Female Entrepreneurs

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