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What Good Is a Business Plan, Anyway?

How many dozens of well-researched and academically sound books have you seen, or actually even read, on How to Write a Business Plan? Many would-be entrepreneurs try to follow these books’ guidelines and become hopelessly bogged down. Some even give up their business dream. What is the truth about the role of the business plan in the world of start-ups?

Are You Answering Your Calling?

Are You Answering your Calling? Look around you, now look inward. Are you doing what you are meant to do?

How to Tackle Rising Real Estate Costs and Underutilised Office Spaces Effectively

Smart decisions are the key to a successful business. In order to make the most, a manager should be able to foresee the emerging trends in the business, analyse their impact, and then take well-informed decisions for a formidable gain. The ability to quickly find an optimum solution paves the path to a successful venture.

How to Start Your Own Beverage Company

The beverage industry is constantly growing, and at an ever increasing pace. If you have ever thought of starting your own beverage company, now is the time to do it. However, just because the market is booming does not mean that research and planning is not required.

What I Learned From a 5 Year Old and a Lemonade Stand!

Have you ever noticed how kids never really think about rejection, or how pretty and perfect they look, or even IF anyone likes what they have to offer? My 5-yr-old granddaughter (Maddy) just opened her first lemonade stand. She had her lemonade, cups, goodies and a perfect smile and attitude to win over any heart that passed by her. Her first guests were two neighbor boys (Kellyn and Preston) that were ready to shell out their 25 cents for a cool and refreshing glass of pink lemonade, on a rather hot sunny day (naturally it has to be pink, because she’s a girl – of course.)

Your Marketing Budget: “How Much Should I Spend on Marketing?”

A startup business needs a marketing budget, and it’s probably more than most entrepreneurs are prepared for. How much is enough? The answer of “Whatever it takes!” may sound flippant, but unless sales are made, the new business will fail. Review these percentage guidelines to see how realistic your marketing budget really is.

The Impact Of Global Online Shopping On The Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing sector is the largest revenue-generating industry in the world, and its sales volume has been boosted by the trend of global online shopping. Rapid technological advancements has helped retailers buy wholesale items at a cheap rate and then sell it off on online portals with a decent profit margin. Therefore, the global wholesale market provides a great opportunity for people to start a profitable venture.

Major Causes of Entrepreneurial Failure – Part 1

Entrepreneurs with know-how seem destined to succeed in business. At least that is what most of them think. However, evidence and statistics show that they fail at high numbers, almost at 50%.

Why Start a Computer Repair Business?

Why should you Start a Computer Repair Business? Everyone will have their reasons for starting any sort of business. I started mine for flexibility – more time to be with my kids.

4 Steps For Successful Entrepreneurship

Being a successful entrepreneur is something that a lot of people dream of. Being self-employed, having their own team and seeing their company grow by the day. When you are an entrepreneur, you will face difficult situations. No matter how well your business runs. There will always be times where you have to think over parts of your business and maybe head to slightly different directions. In this article, I am going to show you 4 steps you should bear in mind taking.

Mentors, Life Coaches, and Inventing

Mentors can be Life Coaches and Life Coaches can be Mentors. But the two are not always the same. As it relates to inventing something, I stress here the importance of having both.

Negotiating a Licensing Deal

As an Inventor, it’s easy to fall into the mindset of believing that everyone wants your product. After all, it was (is) your “AHAH” moment. Why wouldn’t everyone feel the same?

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