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The Humor Guide To What Isn’t Entrepreneurship

Waking from bed, slapping the snooze and staring into the mirror with a smile just feels good. How the rest of the day pans out to determine what level of self-enterprise you fall into. The occasional call is not entrepreneurship.

Consistency Is Key!

We live in a world that expects everything RIGHT AWAY! We have no patience. We’re in love with fast food and 20 minute workouts. We need results now! In order to get results, we need to be consistent and in order to be consistent we need to be patient.

Success and Happiness – It’s All Paradox

Recently, I have been thinking about paradox and how integrated that word has been with all of the achievements, failures, successes and happiness in my life. For example, without exception, all of my friends advised me not to do liberal arts for my undergraduate major; each person had a compelling and practical motive when he or she told me that a liberal arts major would not prepare me to: Make money.

How a Mistake Can Grow Your Business

If you haven’t already made a mistake in your business I can pretty much guarantee that you will. Maybe it will be a mistake that nobody notices, maybe it will be a mistake that only one or two people notice or maybe it will be something bigger. We all make mistakes. The question for you to consider is, what will you do next?

Unleash Success Through Your Inner Entrepreneur

Business can be very tricky. You need to stay ahead of the game in order to succeed. Learning that edge, that winning drive to satisfy customers and attract others is certainly the key. At business video marketing strategies, we believe there are so many ways to do better business. Ultimately, we have to keep our customers and prospects happy.

The Feast-Or-Famine Cycle

The only way to end the feast-or-famine cycle is to always be prospecting… constantly. You have to keep a steady stream of new work coming into your project calendar. But that’s easier said than done.

Mind Your Mind – Mindset Meme No 4

So to review, we have seen two predominant themes thus far in Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” – first, the primacy of mind and second, the fact that we can all create a success consciousness. These two factors comprise his “secret” that reappears throughout this work hundreds of times.

Revamping Your Business Through Introspection

Staying ahead of the curve is an essential attribute to growing businesses. Many businesses do not understand the importance of dynamic updates required to their business. If you own a growing business take some time to introspect your overall operations to build a stronger company.

Gain Confidence Through Positive Thinking and Self-Improvement

As entrepreneurs, we sometimes struggle with feeling confident about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. We’re always comparing ourselves to others and sometimes we’re afraid to “step out” into the world because we’re not sure if we’re good enough. We say things like “I’m not ready yet.”

Are You Mining the Gold in Your Business?

So many times we leave money on the table, contracts unsigned, without even knowing it. Why? Because we didn’t follow-up.

6 Great Tips To Help You Be More Productive

We all have it, that never ending “to-do” list. Some of the tasks are easily managed and some are overwhelming projects that never seem to get done. Those projects seem to roll-over from day-to-day, week-to-week and even year-to-year!

Stop Selling, Start Helping

We’ve all had that experience, shopping for something new, you walk into a store and the sales clerk is all over you. Following you around the store, making suggestions and trying to talk you into all the great sales in the store. Driving you crazy!

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