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Outsourcing – Is It The Entrepreneurs Friend Or Enemy?

What is outsourcing to the entrepreneur. What are the pro’s & con’s of outsourcing?

The Transformational Entrepreneur – Why Starting A New Business Will Change Your Life Forever

Are you thinking of starting a new business? Read on to learn more about the impact this can have on your life and your thinking, especially if you seek to be transformational in what you achieve.

Test Drive Your Business Idea

Starting a business is 10% inspiration, 10% aspiration, and 80% perspiration. The first two, the motivational elements, are essential and need to be held within bounds, too little is a problem, too much disastrous. Clearly there is no one-size-fits-all for business start-ups. A little thought throws up at least three possible scenarios:

How To Avoid Being a Workaholic

Working more hours doesn’t mean you achieve more. Here are some ways to maximize your time (and earnings!) without being a workaholic.

‘Tis the Season to Plan For Next Year

Learn three quick ways to begin planning for 2014 if you haven’t already. These are some of the things that I did to make sure my 2014 results are “on purpose” and not “by default”.

How to Create and Protect a Product Name

Naming a product is never a simple task. The process is similar to designing a company name: you must conduct research, careful planning, and undergo brainstorming sessions to come up with a product name that truly identifies the nature of the product, your brand, and your company. This article will cover some simple ways to kick-start your creative thinking process.

Is Your Business Ready For Online Business?

High streets are changing throughout the world. If conventional retailers and stores do not implement an online business strategy to accommodate the changing habits of their digitally-enabled customers, they will have a difficult time remaining in business.

Stuck In The “Entrepreneurial Lows?” 3 Truths to Help You Navigate Through It

Perhaps the “worst” part of the entrepreneurial journey is how alone you can feel when you hit a “low”. You own your own business — who are you going to lean on in your life who “gets” it? And who do you have who can help you through it who has “been there, done that and got the tee shirt to prove it?” Don’t despair – you’re not alone. Following are some truths I want to share with you, that you can hang on to as you navigate the sometimes choppy waters of entrepreneurship.

How To Manage Risks In Business

Every business has risks associated with it. This is why risk management is necessary for every business organization. As a matter of fact, it is one of the Factors That Must Be Considered Before Starting A Business. The objective of this article therefore is to explore the strategies on how to manage risks in business. In order to attain this objective, it is pertinent to begin with the semantic analysis of risk management because the strategies on how to manage risks are encapsulated in the meaning of risk management.

Thoughts About Success And Tom Brady

It’s Sunday and I write as I watch Brady and his bedraggled Patriots football team face the Texans in a game which was anticipated to be an easy win for Boston. This will not be an easy win…

Protecting My Greatest Investment

After years of giving away my services I have set the bar for myself. As an entrepreneur I know that my business is my livelihood. I also know that it is my responsibility to protect my greatest investment.

Guide To Hiring A Mentor Service That Can Help A Business To Be Successful

Marketing mentor services are widely available that helps a business to set goals and achieve them. Its professional expertise and rich industry experience enables an organisation to improve and grow. This kind of service is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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