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Wean Yourself From the Noise

Everyone has an opinion. Especially when it comes to running a business. How do you separate the sense from the noise?

Rules of the Road to Business Success

Every year, lots of people start and have started businesses without any basic accounting knowledge and any financial skills. There are three important reports that allow entrepreneurs and business owners to maneuver successfully on the road to success.

What Happens If You Lighten Up

One simple change can become like an echo bouncing off the walls of a canyon. Where do you need to make changes in your life and what will happen if you do?

WOW Them With Your Freebie

Offering something for free or giving a bonus with purchase can create a buzz that generates excitement. That has the potential to give you more clients, brand awareness and increase loyalty with existing customers.

Get Excited by Your Business!

Remember what it felt like when you first thought of your business idea! You couldn’t sleep as all those fantastic ideas flew around in your head! Sleeping just got in the way of all the great things you could have been doing. Get it back!…

The Milestone Syndrome – Numerical Plateaus and Their Implications

How numerical plateaus affect our perception of success and failure in sports, business, and war. When we appraise quantitative values they affect our decision making and sometimes our happiness. By chasing the numbers and their implications, is their worth real or imagined?

Young Entrepreneurs – Start-Up and Start-Thinking

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur you may be wondering if the new government initiative which has been widely promoted this week is for you. You may be considering whether the loan system is just what you need to begin to build your dream. Although the start-up loan scheme may not be for everyone, it may just be the break you have been waiting for.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be the Master of Your Own Destiny?

While most of us are content, living a routine life and afraid of change, there are some of us who love the challenge to venture into the unknown. This is my tribute to those brave people who explore, invent and pioneer.

How To Kill Business Barbarism

Business barbarism refers to the use of old concepts in the modern world, some will provide success others will just slows the process of growth, other will just force down a downturn so choice plays a big role in uplifting the business. Delegating Knowing everything in business does not mean doing everything in business,understanding how everything works does not mean a manager has to do all the work so being a jerk of all traits manager is good but slows the process of implementation and reduces the quality of products so delegate while you can and exercise…

How Entrepreneurs Get From A to C Without Going Through B

Have you ever been told by someone has is more successful than you are that you have to pay your dues? I remember one of the first times I was told. I thought then, as I do now, that it was one of stupidest things I had ever heard. It immediately told me a lot about who said it. It told me that this person was unable to learn from the experiences of others. What about you?

The Hidden Danger of a Partnership and How to Avoid It

Partnerships sound like marriages made in heaven. Two great friends decide to start a business together. They agree that they should split the costs and the profits equally between them, because that’s what friends do. And because they like each like each other, they encourage the other to make suggestions on how to make the business grow, taking care not to offend the other. What could be better?

Uncommon Common Sense for Entrepreneurs

I’ve lost track of the number of entrepreneurs who have said that the one thing that made them successful was common sense. To me, what has actually worked was uncommon common sense; because if it was common, everyone would be doing it. And clearly, this is not the case. Why is that?

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