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3 Steps of Non-Traditional Meditation for Entrepreneurs

Traditional meditation (TM) is a technique that some people use to help them relax. It does so by getting the millions of thoughts that race around your brain to slow down so that the rest of you will become quietly content.

The Price of Distractions

Multi-tasking has become a badge of honor among businesses, and those people who seem to be able to do only one thing at a time are seen to be inflexible or less talented than those who can. Technology, too, has made it easier as well. But, do we really get more done as a result?

Living in Denial

If you are still working for an employer and think that becoming self-employed is something you really don’t need to need on your plate at the moment, then you’re living in denial. That’s what I said. You’re pretending that, despite the upheaval in the workplace it has nothing to do with you.

Email: The Biggest Time Waster of Them All

Let me ask you something. How often do you come to the end of your day and feel as though you didn’t accomplish anything? And how often do you comfort yourself by saying that things will be different tomorrow? If you really believe that your circumstances will be different, then why do you keep having these conversation with yourself?

Finding The Calm In The Chaos In Your Business (Part 1)

How do you pull it together during these times of chaos in your business? How do you find the calm amidst Chaos? Where does Chaos come from?

What Is An Entrepreneur To the Community?

What is an entrepreneur if not an asset to the community? Whether you’re running a solo enterprise or your business has a cast of thousands, as an entrepreneur you’re a valuable asset to your marketplace. An entrepreneur provides essential goods or services to those who need them, contributing to the local economy and directing the course of business. To learn more about how you can be an asset to your community, read on.

How To Be An Entrepreneur In 3 Steps

Being an entrepreneur can be the exciting adventure of a lifetime. It can also be heartbreaking and leave you penniless if you take a misstep. That’s why it’s crucial not only to understand how to be an entrepreneur, but to maintain perspective on your business’s role in your community. With the right activity, your business could thrive well into the future. To build this kind of strength in your business and a legacy for your community, read on.

What Does It Take To Be A Website Entrepreneur?

A Website Entrepreneur has so many options for success that one of the biggest problems is staying focused. As a result of the many distractions online options to spend your money, it is easy to lose focus on your primary business. For that reason you must develop a clear set of guidelines as to what you want to market, where you want to market and to whom you want to market.

Five Business Mistakes to Avoid in 2012

You want to be successful in your business but feel you aren’t moving fast enough or are stuck at your current revenue level. Maybe the problem isn’t the business or lack of opportunity. You may be unconsciously sabotaging your success with one of these mistakes.

What Is A Successful Entrepreneur Profile?

A successful entrepreneur profile can be a complicated thing. There are many different aspects of an entrepreneur that make them successful and not all the traits are identical. but a drive to succeed, a willingness to do what ever it takes, not sweating the small stuff and understanding people are part of what allows an entrepreneur to win in the marketplace.

Become a Magnet for Referrals!

One of the most effective and enjoyable ways to attract new clients and grow your business is through recommendations and referrals. Yet I am sure most of us would admit that we mainly leave it to chance or fate, (unless you are part of a networking group that actively supports this approach). We’re worried that we might appear pushy and needy.

Send Out Cards – An Unbiased Review

Send Out Cards! If you’ve been part of the network marketing business, you must have come across the name. Send Out Cards has gained quite a lot of popularity of late as a network marketing business. Although the company has been doing business for some time now, there has been an increase in advertising lately. So what is Send Out Cards all about? Is it legit or is it another scam? What is the business opportunity being offered? These are the questions we seek to answer through this review.

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