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Starting Your Business With a Small Budget

One of the most common questions asked by an aspiring mompreneur is “how much will it cost to get started and run my business?” especially for someone who is already at home on a limited budget.

Starting a New Business, The Idea

Finding an idea, which proves to be the right idea for you, is often one of the most significant obstacles to overcome. In fact in my experience this is probably where most get stuck, and never get past. This article will help you with starting your idea development process.

The Three Most Common Misconceptions About SBA 504 Loan Workouts

Article by a top SBA workout expert that explains three very common misunderstandings about how SBA 504 loan workouts play out. Sets the record straight so borrowers can understand the rules of the game when it comes to SBA offer in compromise.

One Smart Business Plan Consulting Method

Every experienced entrepreneur knows that her business plan needs to be captivating, winning, attractive: basically, the next best thing since sliced bread. Sadly enough, according to recent statistics, 9 out of 10 start ups fail. Brad sits down with Shachar Tal, a successful entrepreneur from the start up nation, who agreed to explain what exactly he is looking for, when examining a business plan.

4 Pricing Mistakes You Should Avoid – And Why

Most entrepreneurs have grandiose ideas about building a highly profitable business, but lack the confidence to charge what they deserve in order to reach that end. If they raise their rates, they fear rejection and that they will scare prospects away.

The Benefits of Forming a Delaware LLC

Curious why so many people choose to form an LLC in Delaware? Here are the biggest advantages to forming a Delaware LLC.

Mobile Software Monetization Models

Rolling a mobile app out on the market isn’t an easy thing to do. One of the absolutely inevitable and important decisions is the monetization model (or several models combined). Here you define how your mobile software will bring profits.

Ten Golden Rules for an Entrepreneur

Without a vision you are wasting your time as an Entrepreneur. You need to visualize your enterprise and all the steps necessary to get there. You need to set goals and milestones.

The Process of Ideation – The Creation of Ideas

The generation of new ideas is one of the challenges that aspiring entrepreneurs face throughout their entrepreneurial journey. Many believe that the creation of ideas is an innate ability.

Passive Income, The Holy Grail

Building passive income is often a truly challenging venture. Fortunately this remains something that is possible, however to succeed, you are generally required to consider following some basic rules, which are…

Passive Income – Create and Forget

How to generate passive income from “create and forget” online projects. Three simple steps.

Rippln – A Review of Mobile Phone App Goodness

A review of Rippln and the mobile phone app industry suggests a growing trend toward mobile technology. Users of smartphone apps tend to shared their pleasure with their social sphere of influence. Data indicates global markets are positioned to grow substantially over the next 4 years.

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