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Small Loans From Private Investors

This article article focuses on small loans provided by private investors to businesses. A discussion relating to the mechanisms of how these loans work is also provided.

Small Business Funding Scenarios

This article focuses on the number of small business funding scenarios available to business owners. There is discussion regarding both debt capital and equity financing.

Profits and Angel Investors

This article focuses on the importance of profits when it comes to working with angel investors. A focus on what to do if a business is already in operation and seeking capital is also discussed.

Private Loans Made to Small Businesses

This article focuses on private loans that are made to small businesses. A discussion how a business can issue preferred stock is also discussed.

Private Investor Loans

This article focuses specifically on private investor loans. There is also a focus on the collateral that is needed for this type of business financing.

Private Investor Loans and Stock Options

This article focuses on how a small business can use stock options in conjunction with working with a private lender. There is a discussion regarding how stock options work as well.

Obtaining Small Business Capital

This article focuses on obtaining small business capital. There is also a discussion regarding different types of capital for small businesses.

Loans From Angel Investors and Private Funding Sources

This article focuses on obtaining loans from angel investors and private funding sources. An additional focus regarding alternatives to this type of financing is also provided.

How a Business Loan Works

This article focuses on how a business loan works as it relates to a small business venture. A focus on the business plan needed to get a loan is also provided.

How a Business Line of Credit Works

This article focuses on how a business line of credit works in conjunction with a small business. A discussion regarding the documentation that a business needs to get this type of credit facility is also provided.

Finding Investors for Your Business

This article focuses on ways that a business can find a private investor. A discussion regarding using the internet to find investment is also discussed.

Financial Statements for Private Lenders

This article focuses on specialized financial statements when working with private lenders. There is an additional focus on how to work with a private funding loan source.

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