It Started: My Thoughts On The Joe Biden Tax Plan


Is Joining a Food Truck Franchise Right for You?

Most new food truck owners walk into this industry with an entrepreneurial spirit, awakened because of – and in spite of – the poor economy, and more particularly, the loss of a job. Given this recession – and despite it – we have seen a national rise in the food truck industry. This industry has given birth to creative, diverse and flavorful foods that are sweeping the country, one mile at a time.

How to Start a Dance Company of Your Own?

Running a dance company is similar to running any other business. You need to have a business plan, skilled team members, your dance company logo, website and other marketing for it smooth administration and promotion.

Getting a Head Start in Qatar

If you’re thinking about company formation in Qatar, you should be aware of what you’ll have to do to get things rolling. While many things are the same around the world, those looking to start business in Qatar should know that there are a couple of differences to deal with.

Tips – When Are You an Expert?

Sharing tips with people assumes you’re an expert, right? Take a step back from that statement and see what you really think about that.

The Brutal Truth: Get Real, Get Tough, Get Going

My admonition to “get real, get tough, and get going” is that to be successful, you must confront reality head-on. I also present an easy way to consider how you must create value to attract and retain buyers.

Pulling Back the Curtain on My Business

Whenever I’m talking to a colleague or friend, and I share that my business has totally taken off this year, I’m often asked: What has created that difference? If only it were as simple as ONE THING! I always have several new initiatives going on: new marketing actions (like social media and article marketing) and new personal growth initiatives. ALL of that contributes to my growth.

Five Ways Small Businesses Leaders Can Create a Positive Work Culture

Creating an environment that employees can thrive in is critical to the growth of a small business. Use these 5 tips to help foster an environment that can trigger inspiration, communication, and hard work.

Start Your Own Aluminum Can Recycling and Advertising Business

With people’s attitudes toward recycling and prices for aluminum and other metals at near all-time highs, a Tampa Florida entrepreneur’s business idea as reported by The Tampa Tribune, 09/24/12, may have just the right timing. Being an apartment building painter for 15 years entrepreneur Dennis Gallagher noticed that apartment renters had no easy and convenient way to recycle their aluminum cans. Now thanks to Mr…

Are You A “Selfless “Purpose Driven Rock Star?

This article discusses the analogy between living your purpose and being a rock star in your industry. It raises questions that could help you get to the core of your message and purpose.

Can I Use My Mobile Car Wash or Auto Detailing Rig To Help The Community After a Disaster?

Back in 1997 and 1998 I was running a franchise company and selling mobile car washes and mobile auto detailing rigs. I was also a member of the International Franchise Association and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there was a group of franchisors that had gotten together to help out in natural disasters. Some of them were restaurant chains, some were service firms, and then there was a whole gamut of other types of franchises. It was almost as if it was an auxiliary of FEMA, kind of like the Merchant Marines that helped out in World War II.

Video Production Business Tips – Questions Every Videographer Should Ask in a Sales Meeting

If you want to get more contracts for your video production business, it all starts with the questions you ask in the sales meeting. The right questions will give you everything you need to know.

Delegation for Entrepreneurs: Where to Start?

We are starting with the basics this week! As an entrep, your time IS money. So entrepreneurs: it’s time to cut yourself a break.

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