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Adult Medical Day Care

Medical economics, managed care, governmental cut-backs, each a catalyst for downsizing, has created a climate of unprecedented financial pressures. Consequently, new alliances and strategies for growth are at the forefront. Emerging as a viable affordable health care alternative, adult day care is such an alliance.

Be Thankful and Profitable

If you are in business, you have reason to be thankful. Yes, there are uncertainties regarding taxes, regulations and healthcare (small business top three concerns), but you are still in business and hopefully, you have products and services that are relevant in today’s market. Ideally, you are also profitable. So let’s be thankful while we move forward. How can we as businesses be thankful?

Personality Traits of An Entrepreneur

Have you ever wondered, why you’re such a weirdo to everyone else? Why you have a hard time working for other people, or better yet, why you keep getting fired or quitting before they can fire you? Or (and this is my favorite) why no matter how hard you try at work, how much of yourself you put into it, how eager you were to start or how many great ideas you have to grow and improve the company, you wind up frustrated or ignored? Well, let’s explore this a little bit. You just may be surprised at what you find.

Is It Time to Increase Your Fees?

One of the greatest benefits of being a business owner is that you’re the boss and can give yourself a raise at your discretion. In raising your fees you want to strike the right balance between what you want and/or need to charge for your products and services, and the fees people are willing to pay for them. That being said, what is a good pricing strategy to follow?

Making More Money Starts With How You THINK About It

Have you ever said or thought to yourself “I need more Money” or I wish I had more money. Sometimes you are limited to the amounts of money you have because of your limited thinking. Try changing your thoughts about money and thus money will come…

Are Fears Holding You Back From Starting, Or Succeeding In Network Marketing?

Holy cowabunga is this a touchy subject. Well, to prove to you this is important I’m going to do something a bit unorthodox in this post. At the end I’m going to list every one of the fears I faced, regardless of how ridiculous they were, that held me back from success in network marketing.

How To Start A Greeting Card Business 101

So this is your passion huh? You write, you have great design ideas and for some strange reason you just can’t seem to resist that overflowing desire to smother all of your friends and family with your greeting card love, and why should you-they’re good. But what’s your next step?

Create A Better World Using The Undefeatable Laws of Nature

Good hearted, well meaning and intelligent people, with grand ideas that could make our world a better place, more often than not get stopped in their tracks, or they never get their great mission for change off the ground. This is mostly due to facing unsurmountable odds and relentless obstacles. Learn how to overcome those obstacles using The Laws of Nature…

Change Agents On Missions To Change The World

Not knowing what direction to go in can prevent change agents on missions to change the world, from taking the necessary first step that gets the ball rolling toward mission accomplished. This is the place they can get stuck and stagnate – defeated before they get out of the gate. Read on to find out how to solve this dilemma…

When the Fraudster Is Your Business Partner

Something must be in the air about starting a partnership. They can be a great joint venture, but the second you go into a partnership without having a strong foundation, the more likely you will end up losing your investment and partner relationship. The worst thing about a partnership is in the initial “honeymoon” stage. Everything is exciting and new. You have a great idea and a passion that you share with someone else. Small Business partners tend forget the foundation in the honeymoon stage because all they think about are the possibilities. After the honeymoon is over, like any relationship, it takes work, and a lot of it.

The Essentials of How to Write a Business Plan

Learn to avoid the most common mistakes and understand what are the basic ingredients of a successful business plan. Appreciate how business plan software, templates and consulting firms can guide your efforts, or simply do without them.

Part 23 – Master Your Fear Of Success

When it comes to being a successful entrepreneur and millionaire your biggest enemy is yourself. Did you know that one of the biggest inhibitors to becoming a millionaire is your own fear? The insidious fear of success stops many people, on the psychological level, is from achieving what they desire.

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