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Your Mompreneur Advantage: Catholic Work Ethic

I admire devout Christians living Godly lives. Without the help of the Catholic Church and the Sacraments I’m not sure I would make the cut. In a non-Catholic Christian church I fear I would be crushed by the varying teaching based on who pastors the church you attend, inconstant philosophies that don’t always fit together well, lack of unity of the big items, and regular debates on what as Catholics we’ve put to bed centuries ago.

Be Careful Choosing a Business Name

You must be careful when choosing a business name and all that goes with it-Your website, business cards and letterhead, your blogs, your products, your correspondence, your social media posts, your presentations, your interviews, your presence. Here’s why.

Creating Multiple Sources of Income

The most important thing to consider when devising a method for creating new income sources is whether or not you have a skill that you’re under utilizing. Odds are you probably do.

How To Change Your Mindset About Money

Rethink your life and the place money plays in it today. Find out what you’ve been missing and what could be next in your life.

Thinking Of Starting A Company In Qatar? Here Are Your Options

Want to start a company in Qatar? This article will show you the three main business vehicles available to foreign investors when establishing in Qatar.

Name To Fame: Naming A Franchise

So, you are starting a franchise? That’s wonderful! You already need to streamline many franchising documents and operations along with lots of research and planning. But did you thought about what will it be called?

Building a Successful Counselling Practice

When a business succeeds in creating a sustainable impact on all of its stakeholders, staff, clients and customers, it can then be said to be a great and successful establishment. Such a business has an immense possession of initiatives in making great and wonderful things happen. Such business also insists on making sure that whatever value it creates is sustained and long-lasting.

The Fate of Small Businesses on the Arrival of Big Brands

Running away when you find yourself in a competitive environment without a single effort or even a failed trial to see if you can make it can be termed the worst form of failure. Putting some of these ideas and recommendations in place will obviously give you an edge over those domineering big businesses you are competing against.

Important Innovations

I am writing about how innovations are important for a certain industry. I thought about this when looking at innovations that make the industry grow.

Building Great Businesses In Nigeria: Lessons From Jimoh Ibrahim

Nigeria is blessed with many outstanding capitalists and wealthy industrialists who own multi-billion dollar conglomerates with assets in excess of trillions of naira and who collectively employ thousands of Nigerians across their various business operations thereby contributing remarkably to the size, scope and direction of our nation’s economy.

How to Create a Successful Crowd Funding Campaign That Will Get You the Money and Investors You Need

Although Crowd Funding is aimed at regular working folks who want to make small investments, it still must be treated as seriously as you would a full-blown SEC regulation 506D offering. You’re asking for people’s money and you have to dot all your I’s and cross your T’s. This brief article will give you the core essentials to guide you through a successful Crowd Funding campaign. It focuses mainly on attracting and holding the attention of potential investors and giving them a good reason to put their money into your vision.

Working From Home – Is It Really Freedom?

Sometimes it’s tough to be grateful for the fact that we work from home, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s tough to be grateful period.

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