I Tried Shopify Dropshipping For 2 Weeks (Insane Results)


Don’t Let the Recession Depress You

No more free coffee, the outside marketing firm has been dismissed?  Across the country more and more businesses are continuing the belt tightening and reigning in expenses.  Just the staples needed to operate a business are what all that appears to be purchased these days.

Reasons to Avoid a Product Based Approach

The marketplace is always changing, and a product that may have sold well five years ago, may not see encouraging sales today. Recipe books that was a huge success before the rise of the internet, has been replaced by free online recipes which even comes with a feedback and rating system and the sharing concept that has arisen out of social networks.

Course Subject: Starting A New Business 101

People start a business for different reasons. You may be searching for a better lifestyle for you and your family, you may be looking to be financially independent, or you may just be tired of working for someone else and just want to be your own boss. Whatever may be your reason, starting a business is hard work and takes a lot of dedication and patience on your part.

The Four Ways To Make Money

  We often ask ourselves (at least I do) how money is made. And surprisingly enough, the money that enters your economy comes from one or more of four possible sources. Robert Kiyosaki, in his best-selling book “Cash Flow Quadrant”, talks about income from employment, investment and business ownership.

Offline Networking Ideas

The word of mouth that you generate with all your online methods can be easily doubled if you also make use of offline approaches. And after all, it is all about people telling other people who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. Don’t take for granted that your time spent with offline networking will just be a waste of time and effort with no great results to show for it.But it all starts with one essential element: your magnetic marketing message (some call it your Unique Selling Proposition). Once you master it, the rest of the offline networking process becomes more comfortable. All of the offline networking groups I have attended and heard about, always ask you to introduce yourself and your business to everyone. And, you usually have about 2-4 minutes to do this. So you want to make use of this opportunity as a tool to be able to articulate your complete business concept quickly and succinctly.

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Secret Sauce Not Shortcuts

Many entrepreneurs I run into are looking for some magic bullet or shortcut. I think this has a lot to do with our minute rice culture that many of us have been brought up in. We have come to expect that we can get anything we want with little or no effort. Many entrepreneurs are also of the mindset that if something doesn’t work the first or second time they try it, they just quit and move on.

Building a Business: Managing Family Pressure and Expectations and 5 Stages to Starting a Business

You have started to build Your business and have shared Your plans with Your Family and Friends and now they are constantly asking You if You have had any “Luck” yet and made any money? Most people do not know and understand how much is involved in building a Business from the ground up. They may believe that You can simply create a website or insert an advertisement into the newspaper and the potential customers will immediately contact You to get Your Business. Obviously WE know that this is not true. If You are in a situation, where You feel pressured by Friends or Family, refer them to this blog, so they can learn what all it takes to build a Business. Do not let them do their own research and get overwhelmed with the vast amounts of information there is on the internet, but let them have a quick view of the most important stages and actions in implementing a Business in this article.

4 Ways Your Image Could Be Holding You Back in Business

Believe it or not your image is a crucial component of whether you are successful or not in business. While it may seem that some people are naturals at “working the room” or have “the gift of gab”, everyone has an equal opportunity to make a great impression in business. Here are four questions to consider when it comes to improving your business image.

Attract More Leads Being an INFOpreneur

We’ve all heard of Entrepreneurs…and Solopreneurs..and of course Mompreneurs…the newest iteration is INFOpreneurs… Using information to attract your best possible prospects is key to a formidable education based attraction marketing model.

Women Entrepreneurs Who Need Help Getting Started: What’s the Next Step?

As a woman, one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment is our natural instincts. Being the boss is a great sense of entitlement; especially when seeing something we’ve created and nurtured come to fruition. Even making the daily decisions and deciding if we’re going to run a tight ship or have a carefree approach to how you run your business, the joy are the empowerment of such. And that at the end of the day, it’s not about being powerful, versus empowering. And with that, comes great responsibility and challenges for running a business that in most cases in the past, the male dominated in the area of running a business.

What Else Is Preventing You From Succeeding in Business?

Sometimes you’ve got to make mistakes to succeed in business. But how do you know if you’re making the right mistakes?

CEOs – What Is Your Silver Bullet?

In the past few years Blackberry, Nokia, Microsoft, Yahoo, MySpace have all suffered serious set backs to their fortunes. What are they missing? This article explores the need for a silver bullet – a key killer feature to your product or service that makes you a winner.

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