I Tried Shopify Dropshipping For 1 Week (From Scratch)


Avoid Depletion, Distraction and Doubt – With These 3 Key Environments

Being a business owner requires a LOT of mental, physical and emotional energy. That’s why it’s important to have in place 3 key environments that will provide the rock solid foundation for your current and future success, sustaining and energising you through the ups and downs of business life. Without them you risk depletion, distraction and doubt….

If In Fear That You Are Creating Another Failing Business, You Might Need To Read This

What I said above is true, because 97% of all businesses fail. It is, however, actually easier to succeed than fail if you do a few things right.

Marketer – In Relation To Your Prospects, Be A Friend Helping Out

Are you looking at people, online, like “traffic”? Is that person, sitting behind that computer screen, “James” or “money ATM-machine”?

Three Smart Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Business Coach

You’d be surprised how many businesses suffer from issues that can be traced back to the beginning phases: A weak product idea, lack of market research, a poorly conceived message-to-market, unfocused advertising, or an inability to deliver products in a timely manner. A qualified business coach can help you track down the culprit and give you a game plan that will fix the problem.

Guide To Success – Part 2

Success and peace are very beautiful things. However, they usually come packaged in a form most people will never recognize unless someone unravels the package for them. I am a Seeker of knowledge wisdom and understanding.

Guide To Success – Part I

The Shape of the earth was once a mystery and because of that mystery, men never ventured very far into the sea out of fear. The principles of success and fulfillment were once mysteries too. A lot of people fail in life because they do not understand the principles behind success.

How Do We Burn U.S. Natural Gas Surplus: Global Arbitrage?

Natural gas production in the U.S. has hit all time highs, yet prices fall due domestic markets being unable to absorb the increasing supplies. Where domestic markets search to change from coal to cleaner energy, American natural gas prices fall to the point where profits are hard to find. Natural gas prices outside the U.S. are considerably higher and represent profitable markets for U.S. natural gas surplus.To reach these market, however, infrastructure is required to export our abundance.

Tips For Creating an Innovative Product Business Plan

The process of creating an innovative product business plan can be quite daunting. This is mainly due to the enormous process one has to undertake, coupled with the tough competition you have to go through once you release your product into the market. In order for you to be successful, you are required to carry out some extensive research, which will enable you to better understand your products competition and value to the customer.

Apply Common Sense to Enjoy Business Successes

Do we all have common sense? If we do, in other areas, are we using it when considering steps in our online businesses?

For Business Success, Do You Need Hyped Up Techniques or a Strategy?

Going at internet marketing, or any marketing, without a strategy, is impossible. Your efforts will be equivalent to playing darts, as a beginner, with your back to the dart board; sure you might hit one in 20, or so, but it is far from the best way.

Broken Hearts: What Does Your Heart Say About Your Business?

“What is in your heart?” This may seem like an odd question to pose in a business blog, but I believe that who you are as a person will dictate what kind of business you will build and, ultimately, what kind of legacy you will leave. Everyone knows that customer service matters, yet so many companies both large and small struggle with this very basic starting point. Why? You can’t fake sincerity. True customer service requires a servant heart (or attitude). Sure, you can jump through all the hoops of proper customer service etiquette, but if you don’t honestly, from the bottom of your heart, care about your customers, they will never feel valued.

5 Ways to Annoy Your Personal Training Clients

Something we really need to avoid as Personal Trainers is to cheese off our clients that we’ve worked so hard to get, there is no point marketing your personal training business if you keep losing clients on the back end because of mistakes you make that could have easily been avoided had you kept yourself in check. We need to remember that clients invest a lot of time and money in us and therefore me need to adhere to the uptmost professional standards if we expect the to continue spending time, energy and money with us.

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