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Global Entrepreneurship Programs at Top US Universities – Worth Their Salt?

Recently, a student from a Global Entrepreneurship Management course at top US university had contacted me since I am often considered a little in my sector, a small sliver of a much larger industry. He explained his business program to me, and I explained that, I’d never heard of it and that it takes a lot to impress me. Further, I was not impressed simply by the name.

Find and Protect Your Ambition

Not only must you be ambitious but you must protect your ambition from naysayers. This article helps go getters not feel guilty about doing more to reach and exceed goals. These great tips and insights from a highly regarded author, entepreneur and expert in business and sales, will wake up the lazy and give fuel the ambitious.

Choosing a Computer Repair Business Name

Choosing a good computer repair business name is important. My original business name was not a very good one. People did not understand it, did not know what my business was about and what it’s purpose was, could not remember it and were always confusing it with a nationwide cellphone carrier.

The Entrepreneur, The Manager, and The Dreamer

The business community has three different categories of people: the entrepreneur, the manager or organizer and the dreamer. Which one are you?

Right Entrepreneur Characteristics to Make Residual Income

Are you interested in creating residual income streams for yourself but are not sure whether you have the right entrepreneur characteristics for it? The rule of the day job is that you must be at work in order to earn money and when you have residual income, you are free to do anything you please while the money steadily flows in via your residual channels. Tips on building residual income The idea behind earning residual income is to create and maintain a system which automatically sells existing goods and services.

The Honest Truth on How to Be a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

When I started my business coaching business my intention was for it to always share the HONEST truth about how to be a successful entrepreneur. I’ve been around and seen a lot, and some of it ain’t pretty, so I wanted my business to be where authentic, heart-based women entrepreneurs could come and know they’re getting the truth.

Business Branding: This Is ME – Who Are YOU?

My message is that YOU are already wealthy, and that it’s your Y.O.U. (Your Outstanding Uniqueness) that makes you programmed to be so. Isn’t that awesome?! Yep, you have everything inside of you to live life to the fullest, contribute to this world, and make great money doing it! Here’s how.

Entrepreneurism: What A Great Time To Be Alive

Today’s technology makes starting and running a business, or being self employed easier than it has ever been. It can make promoting ourselves and our businesses much less costly and more visible.

Keeping Things in Shape With Your Cleaning Company

Being able to keep one’s surroundings neat, tidy and dust free is a talent. Some could take that talent further and turn it into a cleaning business. But it takes more than just the ability to clean to get a business like that off the ground.

How Much to Charge in a Computer Repair Business

If you’re starting a computer repair business, how much should you charge? There are a few factors to consider when determining your rates.

What Does It Mean to You to Be a Leader?

Leaders are focused on their long-term vision and not the set-backs which they have come to regard as merely temporary.Once you make up your mind to act like a true leader each and every day, your goals will become much easier to achieve because the people around you will naturally be inspired by your words and attitudes and this will motivate them to support you.

Major Causes of Entrepreneurial Failure – Part 2

I understand there are other factors that can ruin any business such as recession, natural disasters, wars… etc. However, successful entrepreneurs encountered some of these causes, yet they managed to succeed.

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