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Closing The Performance Gap Caused By Inaccurate Thinking

In today’s overcompetitive world, results are everything. We are measured and valued in accordance to the results we produce, solutions we create and problems that we solve.

How To Focus Attention and Thinking To Get Desired Business Results Faster

Thinking for Results – How To Timely Place Focus on The Right Things – One of the most desirable qualities of entrepreneurs is to dream big sometimes, way ahead of their time. The importance of this lays in our ability to come up with new ideas, to create something that never existed before, to come up with new ways of doing things, to position ourselves in a way where our thinking gives us a sustainable source of competitive advantage.

How to Turn $1,000 Into a Million Offering a Service That Doesn’t Exist

This article explores a very creative way of making money. Something which is constantly done by the big financial institutions is now available to the average person, who has the foresight to see the opportunity and take action.

How to Make Money Into More Money, Working Part-Time

Making money is much easier if you have some working capital to start off with. This article demonstrates how one can start off with a little amount of working capital (how to raise it if they don’t have anything) and work their way to wealth.

How to Make Money Into More Money – The Top 3 Websites to Invest Into

This article tackles the prospect of a number of websites to start if you want to turn the money you have into more money. These are nothing new but a unique angle on how to make yours work is touched on.

How Should I Invest $10,000 – Africa Is the New Land of Opportunity

This article explores the prospect leveraging the opportunities brought forth by the development of the Africa continent. Investment avenues into this emerging market are dealt suggested.

Can I Start a Hedge Fund If I Have $1,000 to Invest?

This article takes a look at weather a relatively small amount of money, like $1,000 is enough for hedge funding. Some interesting angles are covered to reveal a fresh way of approaching investments of this amount.

4 Tips To Be An Effective Delegator

Effective delegation can be an important skill for an entrepreneur to develop. This is because when done well it allows you to utilize your time and resources as effectively as is possible.

3 Olympic Ways to Positively Succeed in This Economy

After he didn’t win gold in his first race, the pundits spun Michael Phelps as not ready for London. They placed limits on what he would accomplish based on one event. He now is the most decorated Olympian ever with 22 medals.

4 Ways to Add Value to Your Startup As the Non-Technical Co-Founder

You have a million dollar startup idea. Do you share it with potential partners and risk getting your idea stolen or do you tell no one and just hope that the perfect business partner randomly pops into your life? In this article, I tell you not only how you can add value to your startup as the non-technical co-founder, but how you can get potential technical partners seeking YOU out.

TESTING Reduces Risk and Maximizes Success

Oftentimes entrepreneurs-blinded by their belief in their new product idea which is reinforced by their loved ones-lunge full force forward in the production and marketing of their can’t miss product. They will invest in some or all of an optimistic quantity, expensive brochures, displays, molds, public relations campaign, advertising, and more. All this, based on their personal beliefs. Optimism and confidence are valuable traits for an entrepreneur, but sometimes they are misguided and extremely costly. No one is smart enough to know in advance how consumers and the market will react to their new product. Large companies can absorb a failed product. Small company failures can be fatal.

Dealing With Flaky People Who Don’t Have Your Level of Get-Up-And-Go

Often I am blown away by the weakness I see in the marketplace these days. I see so many people running around complaining, but then when push comes to shove, or there is a deal to be made, or performance is needed to make it to the next step, they fall flat on their butt, and refuse to work. Even folks that run around delivering compliments everywhere they go, and a smile of arrogance with supreme optimism seem to doing the same thing. They demand one thing, promise a whole bunch, but when it is time for them to deliver, they fall flat.

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