How To Deliver For Your Customers To Make Them Come Back

Whether you are opening up your first salon, or are just remodeling your store for a new look, there are some things you should remember when you are making big decisions that are likely to impact the future of your business. You should be mindful of all of the things that your customers are looking for, and what they expect from you when they choose to visit your shop, while still making sure that you are able to live up to their expectations and if at all possible, surpass them to earn their trust and gain their future business.

Business Angels – Take Your Startup to the Next Level With Funding and Advice

Are you on the search for Business Angels in your area? Are you ready to take your start up to the next level? If so, you are not alone.

How To Clean Restrooms Fast

Cleaning restrooms can really slow down the job In the house or office cleaning service. One person can spend twice as much time cleaning a restroom as another person. Learn the proven speed cleaning process for restrooms and how to do it right. This is how you can get it done super fast and move on to other things.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind For Elevated Effectiveness – Part One

For years, I have been sharing with my clients that what you think affects how you feel and what takes place in your body. Recently one of my clients remarked I was more like a therapist than a business coach or health provider. She is a prime example of this and how it can slow or even stall your business success indefinitely. A healthy body brings out the healthy mind and together you’ll have a strong foundation for life success. As part of Elevated Effectiveness, our first module is about this very topic.

What Business To Start? The Definitive Guide

“What business to start” is the question many ask when they have the motivation and inspiration to start a business but wonder what their ideal business really is. Read on to find out how to move your ideas forward.

How to Plan for the Dog Days

The Dog Days generally refer to the period of time from the beginning of July to mid-August. In North American, and around the Mediterranean where the expression probably originated, temperatures, not to mention humidity, can make normal work almost unbearable. Air conditioning has made offices and warehouses more tolerable places to be, but no modern invention has been found that influences when suppliers and customers will close their doors or reduce staffing so that they can take their annual vacation. How can entrepreneurs plan for these Dog Days?

What Do You Need To Start Your Own Business?

Starting your own business is like putting pieces together in a production line. So what do you need to start your own business? Below is guide on how to start a business step by step:

What to Do When You Haven’t Got a Clue

Let me ask you something. When, as an entrepreneur, was the last time you knew everything? You knew exactly what business you were in. You knew who your target market was, and what they wanted to buy. You knew the most effective, yet affordable, means to market to them. And you knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what to do next? If your answer was “never,” then you’re in good company.

Are You Being Truly Productive in Your Business?

As creative entrepreneurs and artists, we make many mistakes. Some are minimal and just part of learning. Others can completely sabotage our business. What I have noticed is that most of us start our businesses with an ’employee’ mentality without even realizing we are thinking that way. After all, we are conditioned and educated to be an employee. It is only natural; it seems, to act like one in our business as well. Recently I was interviewed on this very idea and shared 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in their Business that Keep Them Stuck and Broke. Today I will share Mistake Number One: Showing up versus being productive.

Should You Have to Burn Your Boats to Have a Successful Business?

The 18th century writer Samuel Johnson, who is best known perhaps for his wit, once said that “the prospect of hanging in the morning concentrates the mind wonderfully.” That has close parallels with the meaning now associated with burning your boats. It simply means that you cut off any possible means of retreat. Once you commit to a particular action, there’s no going back. But, is it really necessary or even prudent to do so when starting a business?

Is Your Product the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

Until you have tried to cut several pieces of uniform thickness yourself, sliced bread may not seem very special. If you have never attempted to do this, you should, because you will soon discover that the thickness that is easiest to cut with your knife is too big for most toasters. Understood in this context, the best thing since sliced bread has come to mean the best of anything for a considerable period of time. Is your product as good as all that?

Getting Down to the Brass Tacks of Your Business

When you first start out, there are just too many options to choose from. And it’s too easy to try to pursue all of them. This is due to the pressure you feel to accomplish what’s important, the uncertainty of being able to decide what’s important, and the unease that comes with wondering whether or not you overlooked bona fide opportunities. I say bona fide, because you have probably discovered that there are many dead ends that don’t appear to be as such until you reach the end of them. How can you as an entrepreneur decide what should be done and in what order?

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