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All About Women Business Loan Programs

Women play a very vital role in the economic progress of any nation in the world. Every woman has a sense of self drive and motivation. Women are easily motivated by the fact that they have families and other society related members that need their constant help and attention.

How to Avoid the Wrong Kind of Work

Great entrepreneurs never do everything themselves, yet for us average business owners, this is a great and costly temptation. It means we are doing the wrong kind of work (WKW).

Think Like an Entrepreneur for Business Growth

In today’s post, I want to explain why I think every woman business owner needs to think like an entrepreneur and further explain why you should care. After working with hundreds of women business owners I can confidently declare that the predictor of success is their ability to think like an entrepreneur.

5 Practical Steps to Starting a Business Online

The transition from typical employee to business owner / entrepreneur can have its challenges. The upside is outstanding but there are also risks that should be considered. The path to entrepreneurship  and starting a business will have you facing many challenges with one of the biggest being the financial strain when you first begin.

How to Get Control of Your Life

Align your business with your priorities and values. Start working towards your ideal lifestyle today.

The Calculated Risks of Starting a Business

We associate the term “entrepreneur” with those brave enough to go out on their own, not conform to traditional corporate standards and who come out alive to talk about it.   Traditional corporate standards has many employees unhappy with their current supervisor, pay or some other facet of their job.   Seemingly, there is a direct relationship among how dissatisfied someone is with their current condition at work and the allure of starting a business.

How Entrepreneurs Should Manage Their Money

One of the ironies of business is that it’s possible to have more customers than you could ever hope to have, be working all the hours there, and still go out of business. You’re probably thinking that this could only happen if your profit margins weren’t high enough. But, actually, there’s another reason, and it may surprise you.

Keeping Yourself In The Loop

If you’ve ever worked for a larger organization, then you’ll know all about reports. Some of them, you’ll remember, seemed important, while others were a complete waste of time. In all probability, the latter was more true than the former. But, as an entrepreneur, you will need to come up with some means of keeping yourself informed about all the parts of your business.

Women’s Small Business Loans Can Help To Achieve Economic Self Sufficiency

Statistics show that most new small businesses are started by women. There are several Federal and State Loan programs available for women, minority groups and ex-servicemen. Single mothers are in a particularly strong position.

Harness the Power of Focus in 30 Days

Focus means concentration and single minded attention on the actions that will create important outcomes for you and your business, each and every day, whether this is making 5 sales calls, filling your workshop or launching a new product. It is the fastest way to achieve rapid results in your business and ultimately takes the effort and struggle out of getting things done. Unfortunately, one of the pitfalls of working for yourself is what I call the Law of Distraction!

Stop Trying To Do What You Were Born to Suck At

When we do the things we were born to suck at, we rob other people of the chance to do their genius work. What if you did let someone else do the tasks you suck at? Would that free you up to do your genius work? When you commit to ruthlessly pursuing your zone of genius everyone wins – your business grows, their business grows and you both are impacting the world in a more pointed way.

Profit Hobby – Earning From Work That You Love

You like to shoot videos with your video camera, or maybe you like to write, take pictures or even collect baseball cards. Perhaps others compliment you on your works of art and talent, your hobby can be an easy source for earning some extra income. And why not using it to your advantage?

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