How To Stay Motivated


Envisioning Is Equal to Flying Into the Future

As a famous quote goes, “Your Vision Is the Promise of What You Shall One Day Be, Your Ideal Is the Prophecy of What You Shall At Last unveil”. I have come to understand that Envisioning is an art of logically extrapolating the existing status of the identified parameters and creating an innovation or a discovery (can be a product, a service, a process, or a combination) around the ‘extrapolated’ view. Once done and / or after the initial success or setback, it is always a time and necessary to go back to vision or ‘Fly into the Future’ again, to reinforce the purpose of the enterprise and gain new energy to push the product / service / process harder and the cycle continues.

4 Ways To Start A New Business in 2015

Today, there are literally hundreds of ways to start a new business, but it is worth having some clarity on where to begin before you try anything. Here are 4 ways to start a business in 2015 that I think are worth looking into further. Before I share these 4 ways I want to go over some important things worth taking on-board.

Six Hobbies That Can Earn You Extra Cash

In this ever-changing economy it can be difficult to maintain a steady or even growing income. Whether you’re looking for work, want an exciting career change or are just wanting to make an extra income, turning a hobby into cash can be a highly lucrative thing to do. In this article, I’ll be guiding you through some of the ways you can monetize your passions and interests.

5 Mantras to Make Business Partnership Work

Business Partnership will help you in many ways. Teaming up with an individual or a company could certainly infuse new ideas and increase your customer reach. But forging a successful partnership is tricky as joint ventures stitched together with little planning or rules are likely to fail. So, should you go alone? Hell No! Successful business partnerships see faster and greater success than individuals having the same goals but go alone. Below given are 5 mantras that’ll guide you in creating strategic business alliances.

Is It Possible You Know More Than You Think?

It’s too easy to find information about online marketing, but whether that information and facts are good, tried, tested and complete is yet another matter altogether. Often, when individuals get started in this business, they quote methods they’ve been reading about in this or that free e-book, and they feel that what I’m telling them contradicts what’s been written in the free e-books they’ve studied. The general rule of thumb is the more you spend the better quality you get

Recalibrate, Restore, And Revive Your Business

It happens to all of us, from time to time. We lose that spark, the balance tips, and suddenly this business we adore becomes a ball and chain we’d rather not get up for. The moment has come to Recalibrate, Restore, and Revive Your Business.

5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do At Year End!

I have studied what successful entrepreneurs do at year end. The most beautiful thing about their practices is that… they keep it simple. What I have learned is that success breeds success. There is no need to re-invent the wheel and there is also no need to complicate things. That seems to be the tendency of many entrepreneurs that I coach.

Is Fear of Exposure a Gift?

I belong to a mastermind group, but we haven’t been meeting up so frequently over the past year and so when we finally caught up the other day it was lovely to hear how everyone is getting along in their life and business. One of the ladies has written a book, and I thought she would have had it published by now since the last time we spoke a few months ago that was the plan. The book is pretty much her life story which illustrates how she came through her trials and tribulations with the intention of helping others to do the same.

Understanding The Business Due Diligence Process

Due Diligence is a vetting process whenever you are looking to sell, or acquire a business. As an investor, due diligence will validate financial information, uncover any vulnerabilities, as well as help determine where the business can be headed in the coming years.

Why ADHD Entrepreneurs Rock and Tips to Stay Focused

In a world of entrepreneurs launching products and services daily, there are certain characteristics that will separate those inspired to “take no prisoners,” and those who fall off the wagon before the wagon even begins to roll. This article targets the ADD or ADHD entrepreneur.

Make in India Is a Marketing Gimmick or a Real Drive From India’s Government

Taking scientific, logical challenge with passion at the individual, collective and country levels makes a country innovative. Many Western business associates ask me whether “Make in India” is a marketing gimmick or a real drive from India’s Government.

Unique Ways To Generate Leads In Any Business

This article will walk you through specific techniques that could increase your online traffic. Each method is different and valuable. If you are working online or marketing for an on the ground business these could help you if used correctly and in the right scenarios.

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