How To Start Shopify Dropshipping With $150 (From Scratch)


Developing Confidence As a Personal Trainer

It’s a double edged sword when you start you own personal training business. You need to develop confidence in delivering quality fitness sessions to paying clients, because if you don’t have confidence with clients, they won’t have confidence in you and who wants to pay 35 upwards for an hour with someone who doesn’t know what they are doing?!

57 Bite-Sized Tips to Attract More Clients to Your Health or Wellness Practice

The number one problem health or wellness professionals face in their practice is a lack of clients. They don’t have a full practice and, like most solo entrepreneurs in most industries, need to attract more clients. These short tips for attracting more clients to your health or wellness practice are a perfect resource to get your creative juices flowing and make them work for YOUR practice and target market.

Get More Clients: The Power of Focusing on Transformation

What I love most about health and wellness professionals is their sincere desire to help others and create positive change in the world. And when it comes to getting more clients and building a thriving practice, that desire is your biggest asset. When considering whether or not to work with you, people want to know the WIFT: What’s In It for Them.

Radical Change for Profit

Often the most radical thing you can do is to shift a belief. Or let go of something you’ve invested a lot of energy and money in, that no longer serves you or your business.

4 Tips for Getting Focused and Getting Things Done in Your Business

If you’re like me, you have a lot to do each day and remaining focused and actually getting things done can be a real challenge. Whether you have a day job and are building your wellness business on the side, or you’re in full-time practice, the demands on your time are never-ending. You know what you need to do and you’re busy all day, every day.

Designing Corporate Events Around Your Clients

Often a corporate event can be the difference between future business and losing a client. A successful event will promote your business and garner positive attention while not breaking your bottom line. Finding a company that has both experience in corporate events and the contacts to ensure your event runs as smoothly as planned can be as simple as just looking in the yellow book, but there is no guarantee that the company can provide the services you need.

How To Get Into The Storage Unit Auction Scene

Thanks to the recent popularity of reality television shows, storage unit auctions are all the rage. Buying units for next to nothing and in return, finding vast treasures that can be resold and made a profit on or if you are a collector, added to your home.

Lost My First Customer, And It Kinda Sucks

Never assume you’re doing fine just because nobody says anything. I held this contract for eleven months without a single hiccup. It all fell apart in three weeks. Remember how I said that loyalty is a two way street. The owner who contracted me could have been loyal and spoke up to the doctor, arranged a meeting of some sort amongst all the parties and worked through this. It could have been done differently, but in the end it wasn’t.

If Awaiting the Big Break in Business, Continue Reading

Are you awaiting the big break in business or doing stuff that will take you there? What is worse: those things are, I can almost guarantee, not what you think.

Stop Lying To Yourself, Entrepreneurs – What Successful Marketing Is And How It Is Done

The first thing to do, is: finding out what marketing is. Is it a stupid question? Is the answer obvious? I beg to differ.

Business Owners: Hard Work Does Not Equal Good Work and Success

Let us take a step back, and bite the apple, so we can take two steps forward. In fact: all it takes, for your business to have the possibility of a much better future, is getting a real perspective on it and apply common sense.

Take Care Of Your Business, V

What makes a leader? If you think about it, the only real requirement for being a leader is to have someone follow you. Look around: you have followers, whether or not you are officially labeled a “boss” of anyone….

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