How To Start New Habits That Can Change Your Life


Why Successful People Welcome Mistakes

In this article I am going to discuss why having failures and making mistakes could mean the difference between your ongoing success and needing to quit. Learn to embrace them.

Why Women Owned Start-Ups Thrive Quickly Online

According to an American express OPEN state of women-owned businesses report, the number of women-owned online businesses has increased by almost 50%. The same report showed that the growth rate of men-owned businesses is a meager 25%. This disparity provokes many questions:

Valuating Values in Legacy Planning

One of the biggest myths about legacy planning is that children fight over money and possessions. However, the truth is that people don’t – in fact – fight over things. They fight over what those things mean. Research over the past 10 years has found that people are looking for gratification beyond material possessions and wealth. They’re looking for meaning, memories and shared experiences. Yes, we do fight over possessions – but when those possessions mean something – that’s when disputes can go from bad to worse.

Why You Don’t Need A Lot Of Money To Start A Business

In this article I am going to discuss why the assumption that you need a lot of money in order to start your own business is false. This is particularly the case when it comes to starting an online business.

The Easiest Way To Differentiate Your Business

In this article I am going to discuss the easiest way for you to stand out and compete against your competition. If you cannot differentiate yourself from your competition then you provide no reason why people should do business with you rather than them.

3 Reasons Why Indecisiveness Is Worse Than a Wrong Call

Some people agonize for days, weeks, months – even years coming on one side or the other of an important decision. For some, even mundane choices like what restaurant to go to for dinner or what brand of an item to get from a choice of five similar items can be dilapidating and painful to make.

Entrepreneurial Success

Successful South African Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship Development Encourage Others to Become Entrepreneurial. Well yes this is true! Success breeds success, particularly when it comes to South African entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship development.

South African Entrepreneurs

It has often been said that economic development in any country is directly related to the level of entrepreneurial activity that takes place within the country. It has also been said that both enterprise development and entrepreneurship are amongst the best ways to create wealth and add value to society as a whole.

You Are Not Alone

As we move through this holiday season, there’s a lot to do. Juggling family expectations, events with friends, and keeping your business shipshape can start to feel overwhelming. And it’s not only this time of year. Any business that is growing is also changing. That can start to feel like a lot for one entrepreneur to handle.

The Mobile Web

This holiday season has confirmed… that tablets are outselling laptops, and more importantly more and more people are buying over their smartphones and tablets so that they are no longer just hot products to sell, nowadays they are a medium for sales themselves. News from the major retailers suggests that those who have no online presence, or those unable to cope with visitors using tablets and smartphones are badly hit compared with competitors who are fleeter of foot in adapting.

How to Adapt and Change to Grow Your Business in 2014

With 2014 already here there are 3 changes that you can make in your business to allow it to prosper for years to come. 1.

12 Steps to Make 2014 Your Best Year in Business!

It’s that time of year again when we make resolutions to start fresh, make things happen, focus on new inspiration to become the change that you have hoped for in the years prior. No matter what day it is, today is your day, your chance to become the change and implement great new habits to see big changes in your life.Don’t over think or plan these steps just take one at a time!

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