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Ten Tools For Entrepreneurs – A General List

If you don’t have the inspiration of an interesting or unique idea you’re NOT an entrepreneur. All entrepreneurial endeavors start with an idea – to do/make something bigger, better, faster, more efficient, or brand-new that the world has never before seen. Once you have such an idea, do you know what to do with it? The following is a list of general tools you will almost certainly need to pursue your new career as an entrepreneur.

An Address Is Not Just An Address

The address of a business is probably one of the most understated factors in building a business. Especially in the age of technology where everything is communicated via internet and internet retailers are mushrooming everyday everywhere. Why do you still need a business address when you can just work from home or simply mobile? What physical mails do we still receive when everyone is trying to go paperless? So, why do we still need an address? If an address is just an address where your office is located or you send mails to, then the address is just an address. But what else can an address be?

The Path From Occupy Wall Street To Easy Street

Have you begun to question the American Dream? There is a lot of anger throughout the country these days. People who played by the rules are now finding they have fallen behind on the race towards retirement, let alone prosperity.

Is Kathy Ireland Really That HOT?

Yes…I understand you’ve heard of Kathy Ireland. However, I never realized how hot she was-you have to keep in mind, I was about 8 years old when she was running wild on the model scene. What I noticed in the newsletter was not how hot she was as a person, i.e. physical looks, but as a businesswoman. When I saw this and read her bio, I was jaw-dropped in amazement. I immediately took the next two of my days and started doing research on Kathy Ireland the Great. What I soon read made me realize I could push the limits and expectations for myself up a level.

Hot Tips From an Old Hand for New and Struggling Entrepreneurs

Working in the realm of what’s possible through imagination and hard work is a challenging and rewarding endeavor. There are no established rules and proven processes for being a successful entrepreneur; if there were, it wouldn’t be an entrepreneurial pursuit. I hope my experiences and lessons learned will keep you on your path and help you have more fun, get more accomplished, have more free time and experience more inner joy from living the life of your dreams.

Starting an Inflatable Business in the North-East

Party Rental and Inflatable business can be a very lucrative low cost business to start. Many party rental businesses do the majority of their sales during a short period each year. The challenges faced by seasonal businesses are unique, especially in the Inflatable rental categories It is particularly important to understand that these types of businesses often have to use a short burst of revenue to cover their liabilities for an entire year.

Capitalism With a Heart

Imagine arriving at an intersection where making a profit and making a difference meet and fall in love. The adventure of doing business with a higher purpose is attracting a new breed of business leaders eager to forge a future with hope for the unemployed and at risk populations around the world. Capitalism with a heart is transforming even some multinational corporations.

How to Avoid Being a Disguised Employee

Ever since the Nashua Corporation declared that they could no longer provide their employees with a job for life in the early 1980s, the boundary between who is self-employed and who is a disguised employee have been blurred. The tax advantages of being self employed in the UK, and the US for that matter, far outweigh those of being an employee. But, in the UK, those companies that can show that those who work for them are contractors, and not employees, also reap tax benefits; and it was this that contributed primarily to the recent legislation in the UK to to prevent employees from pretending to be independent contractors.

How to Satisfy Uncle Sam

In the early 1980s, the Nashua Corporation, in New England, made an announcement that completely changed the world of work. Here’s what they said: “We can no longer guarantee you a job for life.” That’s it! Shortly thereafter, Xerox said more or less the same thing, and then proceeded to lay off 20,000 people globally. This mantra rang true with nearly every company you could name, and that one sentence changed forever the nature of employment forever.

Create a Client Attractive Business

A client attractive business is one that draws or pulls others towards you, rather than you chasing or pursuing them. You get a response by your ability to appeal to or interest your clients in who you are and what you offer. 

Is It Time to “Remodel” Your Business?

I’m hearing a lot these days about business reinvention. And it certainly seems like a great idea. But I think that a complete business overhaul is not only unjustified much of the time, but can be a risky move. So instead, I’d like to propose the idea of a business “remodel”, which is more along the lines of a home remodel.

Belize Is the Best Offshore Jurisdiction

Belize is an independent and beautiful country in Central America. Belize is one of the best offshore jurisdictions and has a private economy.

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