How To Sell On Amazon FBA For Beginners (2022 – Step-By-Step Tutorial)


Take Baby Steps Before Walking On Your Own

“Baby steps count as long as you’re going forward” – Chris Gardner (The Pursuit of Happyness). Most entrepreneurs fail at business because they try to run before they could walk. Rather than taking the necessary time to complete market research and other vital calculations required of any successful entity, novice entrepreneurs dive right into the deep end before testing the market of their selected industry. Instead of taking baby steps, they’ve decided to become fully vested in their new business venture before even knowing if their business model works.

Why You’re Not Expressing Yourself

Are you experiencing struggle in your business, and you don’t know why? Perhaps you’re not fully expressing yourself. In this article, I’ll shed some light as to why you might not be expressing yourself as much as you can in your business. Get ready for some inspiration!

How to Make More Money and Make It Big in 2014

Business owners should never be content with their company’s revenue as that would mean putting the brakes on the company’s growth. If you do not wish to halt the growth rate of your company then you need to set higher revenue targets and what better time to do this than in 2014 when the economic gloom is slowly giving way to the better market conditions. In this article, we are going to look at some of the ways to improve the revenue figures of your business:

Learn How to Start a Business

Starting a business can be an overwhelming task if you only fancy the idea of owning an enterprise rather than learning the real things that can get your venture running. In this article, we are going to learn how to start an enterprise and the steps involved in it: – Research – Well, this is probably the most basic step involved in starting a business. You have an idea but that needs to be validated by the market research.

Use Meditation to Grow Your Business

Meditation can help you be more focused, happy and peaceful, while reducing stress. When you’re focused and happy and peaceful, your business will bloom.

Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

Next time you catch yourself struggling internally over your income or business revenue, do something about it. Don’t just take a random or desperate action, but do something intentional about the way you are reacting to your financial situation.

How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur – Best Practices

Find Your Niche – Starting a new business venture involves taking risk. You are risking the stability of income from your nine to five job. You are using money from your savings to invest in yourself.

So You’ve Started Your Own Business, And It’s Damn Scary

Starting any new venture, whether it’s personal or business related, is scary. It’s the fear of the unknown, being emotionally vulnerable, exposed and risking failure and embarrassment in the eyes of the people around you.

The Use Of Convertible Instruments To Raise Funding – Why And Why Not

Entrepreneurs should investigate convertible instruments as another source of company funding. Convertible preference shares and convertible bonds (or convertible debentures) are the two broad categories of instrument. While similar, there are differences, especially regarding the tax treatment of the dividends (on the preference shares) and the coupon, or interest rate (on the convertible bond). Both the company and the investor must obtain appropriate tax advice when considering these instruments. If drafted and issued correctly, convertible instruments can be a tailor-made and efficient source of funding.

Wearing All the Hats in Your Business? Make Life Easier With a Virtual Office!

If you run your own business and answer the following three questions with ‘me’, you could benefit from using a Virtual Office service: Who do customers call to use one of your services? Who answers incoming calls and enquiries? Who carries out your services?

Returning Lemon Judgments

If you are trying to recover someone else’s judgment, how do you deal with lemon judgments? Nobody knows the future. The plus part is some of those lemons will pay off over time. The economy could change, or the debtor could inherit something, or get a job or a bank account one day.

Finding Your Niche – Part Two

As a continuing series, finding your niche is more than just doing what you like. You have to consider the different aspects of your life and put together the pieces of the puzzle. Each part of this series builds on the previous article to give your a complete picture of your potential niche. It is profitable to use this information for business or personal growth.

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