How To QUIT Your Job With Passive Income (Step By Step)


How to Attract And Get More Clients Now

When you’re running scared or you’re confused about why things aren’t working you usually feel the need to do more marketing. You spend time, effort and often money on things that don’t solve the problem because the problem is you’re not clear. And no amount of advertising, blogging, social media posts or whatever other ‘marketing work’ you do will get you clear – all that gets you is exhausted and frustrated because you’re spending ever increasing amounts of time for little or no return – you’re working very hard and you’re always busy but to no avail!

The Importance of Education Even When You’re Working At Home

Is formal education necessary to starting an online IM or networking marketing business? The importance of education is largely dependent on what type of a business you’re going to start, how well you did in high school and the subject areas you think you need some help with. But post-high school, a literal “formal” education isn’t critical to your success.

What To Do When Things Don’t Go According To Plan

I was bummed. The deadline for my audio book was in two days.

Football Shows You How to Run a Business Built for Success, It’s Not a Sports Story

You may be a sports fan or not. Either way, you can’t miss the videos, replays and photos of the football field at this time of year. You can’t miss the news stories, the game statistics, the win loss record and second-guessing of the coach’s decisions by fans.

Video Production Business Tips – How Much Does It Cost to Run Your Video Business?

How Much Does It Cost to Run Your Video Production Business? Knowing the answer to this question is crucial to your success. It is almost impossible to know what strategy to pursue until you fully understand what it takes for you to break- even each and every day.

What’s Wrong With Free? Don’t Give Your Value Away

As a small business consultant, I have a real heart and passion for helping small businesses succeed. Unfortunately, this often gets me in trouble. I find myself wanting to help the business in front of me succeed more than I want my own success. This may seem like a weird problem to have at first glance, but the bigger issue is that it can often set both me and my clients up for failure. I have spent the last couple of months trying to work with companies on commission only. I work to build and manage a sales team and, for my efforts, I get a portion of sales. This no upfront cost model seemed like a win-win. Who could turn free growth down?

Discipline: Three Steps to Productivity

Ever have one of those days where the whole world just seems to be falling down around you and you don’t even know why? I have felt that way for the last few weeks. If productivity was a currency, I would be over my head in debt. Each day, I wake up planning to get a thousand things done, yet somehow the day ends with my to-do-list lying on my desk with empty boxes still waiting to be checked off. Somewhere along the way, I got so overwhelmed that I just stopped trying all together.

How Does VALUE Really Make a Difference?

It’s amazing to us that VALUE has lost a prominent position in the minds of people across the world. What’s in IT for me [WIIFM] rather than how can I give MORE value in every way to my customer, my friends, my family.

5 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Have you noticed how some entrepreneurs are consistently and continuously growing while many struggle to make ends meet? What separates the men from the boys? Why is it that some businessmen even in times of recession are successful in achieving their goals and their dreams?

Are You A Modern Leader?

After searching for new material to write an article, I studied the editorial in a Financial Magazine with comments made by the writer who is a Clinical Psychologist and Employment Consultant, Mr. James Laubscher on the question of what it takes to be a good leader.

Stopping Your Vision Before It Starts

Here’s some human nature that’s likely not serving you: when you allow yourself to visualize or imagine something you want, you quickly stop ‘indulging’ your self in the thought because you “don’t know how”. This happens in a microsecond and it also happens automatically. You’re used to it.

Tips – You Mean I Have to DO Something With My Products?

Many service business owners have the potential quandary of whether to teach people how to do something on their own, or provide do-it-for-you services, or both. Recently exploring a potential joint venture with a colleague brought a big reminder of that.

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