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Exporting the American Dream: The Growth of Global Entrepreneurship

It’s a familiar argument that the only way for the United States to remain competitive in the global economy is through innovation and entrepreneurship. New ventures account for almost all of the net job growth in our economy, and the only way to compensate for manufacturing job losses is to lead the world in creating the new industries and high-paying jobs of the future. Without the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship the U.S. has experienced over the past fifty years, our economy would be 40 percent smaller, and our standard of living would be 40 percent lower, than it is today. But the growth of entrepreneurship is a global trend, and while our best strategy is to innovate, what is less frequently acknowledged is that it’s everyone else’s best strategy as well.

Five Tips for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

There are two basic types of entrepreneurs-those who have an idea for a business and as a result become entrepreneurs, and those who know they want to be entrepreneurs but are in search of the right idea. Most young entrepreneurs fall into the latter category, and waiting for that one great opportunity to materialize can take time and be incredibly frustrating. True entrepreneurs, however, are the sort of people who make things happen, and there are several things you can do to make the most of your time and prepare yourself for that moment what the right opportunity presents itself.

How to Start a Website Part 1

Your boss sucks, your job is repetitive, and on top of all that your pay checks are small. Sound like you?

The Simple Wisdom We Learn From Studying Ancient Greek Rhetorical Form Chiasmus

There is inherent in almost every chiasmus a certain elegantly simple truth or logic. Franklin, in just nine short words, lays down a marker that should be utilized throughout a productive life. He advises us to lay a foundation. Have a plan. Do the research. Have a Marketing Strategy. Prepare for, and consider all options.

Beware Of Online Money-Making Schemes

If you have been looking online for ways to earn extra cash and work from home, no doubt you have come across countless websites that advertise how to “earn easy money,” or “get rich quick,” and even “how to make money online with little to no risk or investment.” I hope I am not telling you anything you don’t already know here, but beware of online money-making schemes. They are all over the internet, and really, the only guy who is going to “get rich quick,” is the guy who sold you his “bill of goods.”

The Importance of Intangible Assets When Buying or Selling a Business

It is important to know what tangible and intangible assets are in business. Knowing the difference and examples of each can help you with your taxes and the transaction of buying or selling a business. Assets can also be a legal matter, in which case it is important to know about legal protection and how they can help you in any business transaction.

Dad’s Job Advice

As a counselor to consultants and other business operators, as well as to personal clients, I’m often told stories of work woe. Most people (especially those who have a coach or counselor) have at least some degree of dissatisfaction with their job….

How to Raise Entrepreneurial Capital

One of the hardest aspects of being an entrepreneur is finding adequate funding for your business idea. Although there are stories of entrepreneurs who made it big without startup capital, these are mostly fictitious and such entrepreneurs are almost impossible to lay hold of. So how does an entrepreneur find the right financial capital for a startup idea?

Becoming a Tutor for Beginners – How to Make Your Services Known and Available

Individuals who are just starting out as a tutoring business should make sure that they have a good mission statement and vision for their new business. This is important because this information will be the guiding force in all organizational transactions and it is very important to communicate this message when marketing your tutoring business. There are six marketing strategies in which beginning tutors can make their tutoring services known to their targeted market.

Business Plan Development – Free Government Resources to Aid in Business Planning

In your quest to develop your business plan you will want to obtain information regarding industry analysis, legal and regulatory statutes, manufacturing, training and counseling, and maybe corporate financials and international information and data. This is just a few of the areas you can research through our government’s online resources. Though they are free and free is often synonymous with undervalued they are indeed not free. Your tax dollars pay for them and the information is rich and vast. These government resources are put there to help you succeed so there is no better place to start your research than with the resources you pay for. The U.S. Census Bureau, Department of Commerce, Small Business Administration, Internal Revenue Service, The State Department, FedStats,, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission all have information that you will find helpful. I will talk a little about each one, what they do, and how you can use them.

Collecting Numismatic Coins and Operating A Business With Numis Network

If you’re into new investments like us, you are attracted to seeking brand new ways to make cashflow. You also love precious metals, are we correct? Forming small businesses that spawn cashflow ordinarily takes a lot of time and funds that most of us do not have or are unable to obtain. It also requires a team. People with distinct strengths and a willingness to help each other in reaching goals.

Wondering How To Start Your Own Business? You’re Not Alone!

For those who dream of having your own business, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that about 600,000 new businesses are started every year. In the event you’re one of the many thousands of individuals trying to determine how to start your own business, this is a great place to begin.

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