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Business Lessons Learned From “The Lord of the Rings” Movies

I love “The Lord of the Rings” movies and have watched them several times. They are entertaining and filled with lessons that I can relate to as a business owner when situations arise. When the ring aka “the precious” was found and its story revealed; several lessons emerged from these great movies.

Stressed Out About Your Red Bottom Line?

If your business is not making money, you’d be nuts if you weren’t worried; unfortunately for most of us though, the worry can quickly morph into anxiety and stress to produce the decidedly counterproductive visceral response to fear. You know the signs well, everyone past the age of 4 has experienced them.

Unlock Your Courage and Tenacity and Roll Out the Red Carpet

Courage is personal. What some of us do in the blink of an eye others can stress over for weeks and vice versa. There is a global courage though that we all have the ability to tap into and that is the courage I’m speaking about here. The courage to move forward.

The Corridor Principal

Did you know that when you launch out on your goal or vision the moment you take your first step in that direction you are thrusting yourself into a corridor. A hallway with many doors, the funny thing is that you won’t see the doors till you get closer to them and only as you are walking.

The Five Rules of Enterpreneurship

To be an entrepreneur it is something which can be taught as you learn everything in life. It is cool to be an entrepreneur these days but, in the same time this is by far the hardest job you can have.

Exploring New Niches – How to Find the Niche That Fits You

Standing in the kitchen waiting for water to boil, I realized I was out of bagged tea. I’d have to prepare a bag, or strain the tea, and I’m not fond of straining tea. A coffee filter quickly became a makeshift teabag, and I held it in the cup with a pair of tongs to steep my tea. New concept? No. I’ve done it before… But I’d be happy with a new idea to fix this problem, since I like bagged tea, but I prefer to mix and bag my own. A business venture in the making?

7 Tips To Unleash Your Brilliance

Building a business where your brilliance is the core offering can allow you to profit from your gifts while being of service to others. Here are seven tips to help you unleash your brilliance.

You Love Your Business, But Does Your Business Love You Back?

Energy and time are required to build your business. But when your business starts taking over and running your life, you’ve essentially become enslaved to it and that is, most definitely, not a love match. Learn how to set you yourself and your business free to thrive.

Are You A High Performing Business Owner?

There are three disciplines you must develop if you want to achieve all that is possible for your Business. This week we are going to look at Goal Setting. Specifically, one of the biggest mistakes people make is that they float through life without truly knowing what it is that they want to achieve.

Why Are You In Business? Know Your Outcome

One of the biggest mistakes Business people make is that they float through life without truly knowing what it is that they want to achieve and they think being busy is a sign of Success, when the opposite is true. Success comes to those of you that apply yourself to working ‘ON” the Business and outsource the tasks you can get others to do to ensure you maintain the Focus and Vision necessary to grow your Business.

Shark Tank – Helpful or Hurtful

Shark Tank is a wonderful and entertaining show. However, those in start-up companies beware of what you think you are learning from this show. The Producers of this show have an opportunity to educate as well as entertain… all they need is an open mind and some creativity.

Locating Your Vending Machine by Telemarketing – Pros and Cons

At Prime Vending Locations we receive dozens of calls daily requesting vending locations. Invariably the question will come up ” Do you use phone locators or direct sales people to find vending locations?” The short answer is we use both methods because they both have significant strengths and like most things each have their drawbacks as well.

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