How To Manage Your Money For Financial Freedom


10 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Change the Social & Economic Story

Men and women who create for-profit and nonprofit new ventures can and should do things of the kind that the President-Elect is likely to neglect, negate, or avoid. Entrepreneurs can quietly change the story, one organization at a time, whatever government may or may not do.

What Is Bootstrapping?

When an entrepreneur decides to create a new business, how to achieve financing for the business it one of the most important elements in their business plan. Over 80% of all new businesses are funded by personal finances or bootstrapping.

Entrepreneurs Are The Real Difference Makers

Having a business gives a person the opportunity to influence social issues through advertising. Having a business can make the difference in communities and in people’s lives by providing employment, products and services that are needed. Owning a business can empower a person to solve problems.

Organization: One Vital Key to Handling Growth Within Small Businesses

Small businesses must become equipped to handle growth. Becoming organized by setting policies and procedures in place is necessary for increase.

Why Entrepreneurs Need To Workout And Get Fit And Healthy

You wake up to the sound of that not-so-beautiful alarm. It’s early. Still dark outside.

Your 50 – Part 2 – The Keys to Starting Your Own Business Now!

This is part 2 of a 3 part series of entrepreneurial stories of individuals from all different backgrounds who decided after years in the corporate world that they had had enough of long hours, endless travel and ever present downsizing. They realized the only security they had was to apply their unique talents to a business of their own creation. Here are two of their stories.

Who Are You? Are You a Business Opportunity Seeker or an Entrepreneur?

The internet is flush with a range of businesses and get rich schemes and there is a lot people trying to cash in on the internet gold rush. However, there are 2 types of people, there’s the Business Opportunity Seeker and there’s the Entrepreneur. These 2 types have a completely different mindset when it comes to doing business online.

How to Be a Smart Entrepreneur

The truth is that growing a successful business needs strong strategic and execution capabilities, which many inexperienced entrepreneurs lack. So what capabilities does a “smart entrepreneur” need to build a great company? How to build and manage a team: Nobody can build a company by themselves.

Entrepreneurship and Mental Resilience

When one speaks of entrepreneurship, you are most often speaking of a person who has the ability and the passion to focus on his or her dreams. Someone who will surmount problems and will strive to meet and surpass goals. Very often an entrepreneur is one who has had a great track record in college and in his career, and aims to translate that success as an entrepreneur.

Reasons Why You Must Start Your Own Recruitment Business

Planning to start your own recruitment business can provide you with numerous benefits. With this, you can easily improve your lifestyle and profits.

The Angels of a Startup Business

If the VC refuses to raise the investment to the next higher level, then, the angel could be in a sticky situation. Particularly if the startup is a capital-intensive one, in the e-commerce domain.

HR Role in Startups

Does the Human Resource (HR) function have a role in startups? Let us look at how HR is being handled in the startups today. Startups, of necessity, are lean with a flat structure.

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