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Why It Is Highly Advisable To Make Use Of Factoring Receivables

The most common dilemma faced by very many newly established businesses is lack of adequate capital. During the early stages of any business, it is common to spend too much of the initial capital towards setting up offices and logistical planning.

Strengthening Your Value Proposition

Value means different things to different customers and your job is to find out what value proposition is most important to each customer and wherever possible quantify and communicate that outcome. Remember; in a transactional sale, the role is to communicate value, in a consultative relationship the role is to Create Value. Remember what you consider valuable about your product or service will rarely be what your customer considers valuable. Your charge is to identify what your customer wants and needs and strengthen your value proposition around that concern.

To Hire or Not To Hire?

At some time, as a small business owner, you start thinking about hiring other people to help you with your business; however, you are unsure of which way to turn, or what options are available to you. Believe it or not, there are several options available to you as a small business owner; below are some for you to think about when deciding which is best for you and your business.

Leadership Characteristics for Entrepreneurs

Your home business needs entrepreneur leadership. To be successful, you have to become a leader. Here are five activities you need to work on every day.

Is A Retail Franchise The Right Choice For You?

Do you want to start your own business but don’t know what to do? The first thing that I would recommend doing is running a retail franchise but before you do that you need to figure out if it is the right option for you.

5 Situations Where You Should Trust Your Intuition in Business

Intuition, more popularly known as instincts, gut feelings, sixth sense and inner voice is a sense that is present within all of us. It is a valuable tool that can be used in all kinds of different situations in life as well as in business. From decision making to assessing someone’s personality to predicting how something will turn out; Intuition is indeed versatile.

Survival of Enterprises: Sociological Preconditions

Survival of an enterprise is the topmost concern of every entrepreneur all the time. Profitability and growth follow, at number two and three. Entrepreneurs are therefore deeply concerned about this aspect when choosing a line of business for their proposed ventures. This article discusses a sociological model of survival of ventures and offers several recommendations on things to keep in mind while choosing a business or line of activity. This can help entrepreneurs make more informed decisions.

4 Ways Harry Potter Will Help Your Business!

Harry Potter has become a multimedia sensation. Everywhere you look, Harry has taken over pop culture. The original Potter fans are now grown up and on their own, with money to spend and children to spend it on. Licensing, Movies, Books, Spin offs… J.K Rowling has managed it perfect, and has become a billionaire in the process!

How To Establish Credibility Without Boasting

If you were to stand up in front of your audience and just start rattling off a list of your achievements it may capture the attention of some, however you’ll likely start to see the majority of your audience “nodding off” and falling asleep. Yes, they want to know that you are qualified to speak on a certain topic, but they won’t be interested in hearing you boast about your achievements.

How to Balance Your Financial Needs While Starting or Growing a Business

I’m a firm believer that you need to let your business grow a little before you start depending on it too heavily to meet your financial needs. But what do you do if you have no other options, if you started your business because you were part of layoffs?

Tips for Valuable Goal Setting

Here’s a question for you to think about: Do you run your business or does it run you? Most people start out with a business idea thinking that when it’s successful they will have more time and money to do what they want, yet that is seldom the reality.

The Pioneer of Personal Success Literature Should Be Required Reading for Today’s Leaders

One of the great lessons my mentor provided was the importance of constantly studying the traits that make people successful. In this vain, he gifted me a book when I graduated. After years of study and struggle to complete my degree studies another book was not exactly on my list of highly desired possessions. This book, however, was a difference maker in my life.

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