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What Is an Entrepreneur Made of?

There are many people who come to mind when we hear the word entrepreneur. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are examples of great entrepreneur because they changed their lives by helping other. Our lives will never go back to what they were before computers because of these men and the choices they made.

Do You Get Business Analysis Paralysis?

There are business owners who appear to be machines. They produce products, programs and materials with ease and it seems effortless. To the new business owner who’s struggling to find their comfort zone and confidence every task seems daunting. I recall when I began my transition from employee to entrepreneur I felt overwhelmed and anxious about all the moving parts to starting my business. Often when people feel this way the result is analysis paralysis. In lay terms: you get stuck. But as we all know we can’t stay stuck forever and the best way out is through. So how do you do that when you feel like you can’t? You can start with these action steps to push forward and help you move through the paralysis that’s keeping you from being stuck in your business.

Why Financial Education Is Recession Proof

Having a background in financial education reduces your chances of becoming bankrupt. Recession over the years became the staple problem that people needed to deal with. If you are going to find yourself in the worst end of recession, you could bring yourself up, or you could dig yourself a deeper hole.

Exporting Carpet Tiles Is Tougher Than You Think

Your first export order is in. Finally, you’re an international player. Vistas of overseas offices open before you. Maybe you should invest in an open sports car so that you can drive over with a girl in dark sunglasses and a white headscarf. This time next year Rodney…

5 Ways Crowdsourcing Is Changing Start-Ups

The practice of crowdsourcing has changed the way Internet start-ups are both being created and how they operate. With new tools and new sites popping up virtually every day it’s important to understand how crowdsourcing is changing the industry.

Want to Be a Successful Entrepreneur One Day? Go to College

Here is the truth about business: anyone with an enterprising mind can start up a business. But not having the right knowledge is as good as sending a blind man into a war-zone. It does not take a genius to figure out the outcome of that.

7 Principles of Personal Success

Every so often, when I discuss the rules for success in business, someone in the audience will ask me “How can I be successful not only in business but also as a person? This question always surprises me because to me, if you’re in the business of delivering a service especially if it’s in the information sector, then you and your business are one and the same.

How to Move on When Business Ideas Don’t Work: Some Business Solutions Don’t Seem Right

Entrepreneurs really are a unique breed of people; they continually appear to dream up new business ideas every month. The problem is it can be very difficult to know when to move on from one of your business solutions and refocus. To that end, I want to share with my audience how I discovered that I needed to move on from recent business ideas that didn’t perform for me.

How to Work 20 Hours a Week and Get More Done

From my observation most employees who work in offices, attend work 40 or more hours a week. From the same observations, most entrepreneurs and leaders attend work 60 hours a week. And again, using the same empirical data, most people actually work, 2-4 hours a week. The rest is spent fluffiing around doing things that really, at the end of the day, could be automated. Can a company afford such ineffective practices? Today maybe… tomorrow.. no way.

Branding Your Brand

What is your brand? Do you even have one? Most do not. They live on their laurels. To be highly successful in business, you must have a brand. Today’s website is yesterdays business card. Think about it. How do you want people to see you?

Give Thanks and Grow Your Biz

Find out how being thankful can help you grow your business. Learn how to be thankful on a daily basis.

6 Tips to Choosing a Mentor

Why working with a coach/mentor is imperative to growing your business. Tips on how to choose the right person.

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