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Top Fictional Entrepreneurs Of All Time

Today I am going to count down the top 5 best Fictional Entrepreneurs of all time! First Honorable Mention: Jeffrey Lebowski (the Big Lebowski not the Dude). Ok Jeffrey Lebowski appears to be a disabled old man, who is a Millionaire. He lost the use of his legs in Korea, he appears to own several business’ and has a charity to help poor kids go to college.

How to Price a Product or Service

The absolutely most deadly trap for new entrepreneurs selling their services is sprung when it comes time to state a price. Too many stammer, hem, haw, and underbid in a desperate attempt to land new work. Unfortunately, clients don’t want to hire desperate people, they want to hire success. Read on to find out how to price your products and services like a pro.

About Being A Warrior-Preneur – Is The Warrior Within?

Over several weeks I have been sharing the traits a successful Warrior-Preneur develops. See, a Warrior-Preneur is the NEXT LEVEL of entrepreneur!

How A Channel Conflict With Partners Can Be Resolved To Improve ROI

Conflicts are bound to exist when managing channel partners. While pricing issues with or between partners are often of concern, conflicts between dealers, distributors and resellers frequently occur in a much broader spectrum within the channel. But many manufacturers aren’t even aware of the conflicts. Partner Relationship Management (PRM) systems can reduce these conflicts and improve ROI in areas such as partner marketing and communications, training and certification, performance management, and collaboration with others in the channel. Ideally, these PRM systems should be combined with a continuous improvement and measurement program, along with strategies based on best practices, in an easy to navigate web-based system.

Don’t Like Golf? You Can Still Use Business Golf to Boost Your Business!

We all know the saying that golf courses are where business happens. You might even know that in the US, it’s estimated that 90% of Fortune 500 company CEO’s are keen golfers.

The Secret of Pricing Your Service Business – How to Create a Profitable Pricing Strategy

Many service-based business owners struggle to create a pricing system that’s both fair to their customers and profitable for their business. Here’s how to create your very own pricing system that provides great value for your customers and builds your business.

The Top 10 Attributes of a Successful Entrepreneur

The other day, I was thinking back on the numerous entrepreneurs I’ve worked with over the years and that all the successful ones enjoy defining common denominators. Here’s the list I came up with of what I feel are the top 10 attributes of successful entrepreneurs!

Tips for Better Business Golf

If you are like many business owners and entrepreneurs, you have probably found that business golf is a great way to spend time relaxing, while at the same time, building valuable relationships. You have probably even had a deal or two that you can attribute directly to your time on the course.

Business Lessons You Can Learn From Business Golf

One of the main reasons that entrepreneurs and business people around the world play golf is that it allows them to make, and maintain, contact with clients, suppliers, and other important people in their lives. However, what many people don’t realise is that there are plenty of other important business and life lessons to be learned from playing golf.

Do You Want to Be Self-Employed? Or Do You Want to Have a Business?

Do you feel like doing the same thing every day restricts your freedom? That you really just want to be doing what you want, when you want and how you want? You probably aren’t alone and it’s also one of the number one reasons people become self-employed. It’s also one of the main reasons that entrepreneurs haven’t moved from being self-employed to having a business.

8 Things We Considered Before Starting Our Home Business

Starting a business from your home is a challenge to carefully consider. It is a totally different mindset for many people. Once in a while success will happen by accident, but that usually ends in failure. It must be carefully thought out and methodically worked completely or it will collapse from lack of foundation.

Working For Yourself Vs Working For Somebody Else

There is a fundamental difference between working for yourself and working for somebody else. I get mixed reactions when I tell people “I only work for somebody else three days per week. The rest of the week I work for myself so I won’t have to work for somebody else ever again.”

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