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How To Gain Prospective Leads

This is a short article on how to gain prospective leads in this competitive sales culture. I have focused on Network Marketing. Many of the principles I discuss in this article can be applied in any sales focused business.

How to Give Value – The Should Be Mantra of the Entrepreneur

Value is the single most important thing that should consume you if you’re striving to be an entrepreneur. As Robert Kiyosaki says.. “If you want to be rich then solve problems..” Value in the eyes of a market is when someone comes along and not only understands their challenges and road blocks, but provides the bulldozer that ploughs through them with the least amount of effort possible. It’s important to understand that value is not only about helping the customer it also goes miles towards effectively branding your business too. In this article I look at not only why value is so critical to entrepreneurial success but how to actually provide that value too.

3 Factors to Consider In Ensuring Survival and Accelerated Competitive Advantage

In a successful business, supervisors and employees share the same goals. Therefore, everyone enjoys the feeling of participation and inclusion. Management listens to ideas generated by the subordinates.

Shopping Carts, Autoresponders and Merchant Accounts – Oh My!

You’ve got this amazing business idea, and you KNOW there’s market for it. You’ve developed a solid business plan and product, you know exactly the message you want to get out and how to package it in a way that will deliver value to your ideal client.

So You Can Speak Geek – Big Deal, Can You Speak Business?

It’s time for our IT leaders to learn more about the business environment in which they work. Sure, we need to be deliver solid technology, but we also need to have a better understanding of the business needs that are driving the technology. That way we can bring the right solutions to the table, and communicate them in ways that will be meaningful to the business.

Helping You Prepare for an IT Infrastructure Upgrade

Choosing to move your business to a VDI solution is not a decision that should be taken lightly. In fact, there are a number of critical issues and IT decision maker needs to consider and steps they need to take before they can move ahead with implementation and deployment.

What Keeps You Stuck (and How to Break Through It)

What I’ve noticed in coaching people over the past 10 years, is that wanting something and actually doing something to achieve it are 2 totally different things. People want a lot. They fantasize. They daydream. They want to be richer, happier, thinner, more successful. But they don’t take action to make it happen (or don’t follow through after taking the first couple of steps). Maybe you recognize this as well. I sure do. I’ve made a lot of changes and took a lot of courageous steps in my business. But it was never easy. And often it took me some time before I felt ready to take action. A lot of my clients were struggling with something for a long time before they felt ready to change that as well. Why is that? In my experience, there are 3 main reasons that keep people stuck…

What You Need to Start a Home-Based Jewelry Business

So many options are available for the fun and often lucrative business of jewelry making and/or selling. Learn some quick basics of what need to do to get started in this enjoyable home based business.

5 Traits of an Entrepreneur Destined for Success

There are certain habits, characteristics or traits of an entrepreneur that puts them on course to be more successful than others! Read further to discover 5 traits that help ‘spawn’ a strong desire within you to achieve your goals when working on the internet!

The Lonely Truth About Entrepreneurs

You log onto your computer, check your news site and there it is: another tech company sells for hundreds of millions of dollars. You witness the monumental event and then realize that somebody’s life just changed forever – for good of course. What you didn’t see however, was the long hours coding. You didn’t see their parents getting on their case because their “crap” was taking up space in the entire garage. You didn’t see the lonely nights, the friends lost, or the mental battle of good vs evil. All you saw was their big face, the big check, and the buzz created on the interwebs. You missed the entire process and failed to see the true journey of an entrepreneur.

The Benefits of Using a Mobile Card Machine

Having a credit card machine for your business doesn’t mean you have to be static. From taxi drivers to market traders, a mobile card machine means you can take your business anywhere and still accept payments.

Baby Boomer – 3 Mistakes That Suppress Your Entrepreneurial Mindset (Encore Careers)

Baby boomers are becoming entrepreneurs in record levels. Like entrepreneurs of all ages, baby boomer retirement businesses are subject to high failure rates unless the owners overcome the most common mistakes made in starting a business. This article will identify three of the most common mistakes and the steps required to overcome them.

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