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Three Questions You Need to Answer Before You Launch a New Product

An idea for a product or service isn’t much good if the product or service is not viable. Viability is often a function of the market for the product, because if there is no market, there is no product, at least from a business perspective. Before you commit a lot of time and money to product development, you need to use market research to determine if there is a market for your product. That market research should answer three basic questions.

The Six P’s

The Six P’s My first exposure to the Six P’s was when I undertook basic training in the Army. It was drilled into us that “Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Poor Performance”. (Actually I have sanitised that just a bit.

What “THEY” Don’t Tell You

With opportunity comes an increase in business causing overwhelm. Learn how to have it all.

Are You Making a Real Here and Now Commitment?

So, we’re nearly to the halfway point of the year 2011. How are you doing on those goals you set for yourself back at the beginning of the year? Hopefully you’ve reviewed them perhaps on a quarterly basis, or maybe even a monthly basis, to track how you are doing.

Finding The Best Self Employment Jobs

People are increasingly on the lookout for the best self employment jobs. There is a certain degree of temptation associated with the prospect of working for oneself. An individual can work on his or her own without the interference of any form of management. This person can hire employees at his or her own will and can dictate the terms of the working environment.

Serial Entrepreneurship, Multipreneurship, Individualpreneurship, and The Self-Reliant Career

Serial entrepreneurship, multipreneurship, and individualpreneurship are related concepts. Serial entrepreneurship is a practice whereby individuals start mainly upwardly mobile enterprises, and eventually move on to other new ventures when a change occurs. Multipreneurship is a general term used to describe individuals who pursue multiple upwardly entrepreneurial and/or lifestyle business ownership initiatives. The individualpreneurship discipline includes activities for developing and managing multiple sources of income, including employment, entrepreneurship/business ownership, and investing, without losing focus on any. An individualpreneur builds a sustainable self-reliant career by establishing the mindset of behaving as an enterprise.

Should I Start A Business?

Starting a business is a big decision. You don’t want to make it lightly, there are a lot of risks in taking this path. So the more you know about the type of business you are thinking of getting into the lower the risk. Even if you know what business you think you want to get into, take your time and do your homework. The more you know before you get started, the lower the risk.

Private Investors and Real Estate

This article focuses on using private investors as it relates to launching a real estate business. There is also a discussion regarding the presentations that will be needed to be seen by a private real estate investor.

Getting Business Loans From Private Lenders

In this article, we focus on issues pertaining to getting a loan from a private lender. Additionally, we discuss the paperwork involved when you are working with a private funding source.

Entrepreneurs Don’t Wait For The Government

Occupy Wall Street is a symptom of a much bigger problem in the US. While the issue of bailing out banks is one that most people agree on. Asking the government to help them succeed is a systemic problem. Entrepreneurs of the 20th century made their own way with out the governments help. These people could learn a lot from their stories.

What Every Packaging Product Should Have

When it comes to your laminated films and other packaging products, you need to think about what is going to be placed on them. You need to worry about two things; establishing brand identity with your logo and style, as well as having all the right information on each package for your customers. Especially if this is your first time mass packaging items or maybe if you are changing your design, there’s a lot to keep in mind.

Working With Private Lenders

In this article, a discussion regarding issues pertaining to private lenders is provided. A focus on secured versus unsecured credit facilities is also provided.

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