How To Make Money With YouTube Shorts | Easiest Copy & Paste Strategy to Earn $2,000+/Day


Seeking Financial Independence? Then Focus on the Discovery of Your WHY

What is a WHY? It is the inner yearning in your soul that keeps you going. It is what helps you navigate the next three steps even when you can’t see what they are. It makes you smile and at its very essence, it is hope. It is a knowing of your purpose and more importantly being able to live it each day in some little or big way.

Infinity Business Model – Finding the Sweet Spot for Your Clients and Your Company

As you look at the map of the Infinity Business Model, you should take notice that your marketing is always in movement. Your marketing is also a combination of free strategies and activities and paid ones that your customers invest in to expand and take big leaps.

Smart Women And The Four Entrepreneurial Phases

This article is about the journey that entrepreneurs take when they first start a business and the phases they need to go through in order to reach their highest goals. There are different skill sets needed at certain phases to make the business a success.

You Are Not Your Business: Protecting Your Business Structure As a Separate Entity

When an entrepreneur starts a new business, one of the first decisions he or she is confronted with is the choice of business structure. This decision can be ongoing. As your business grows and changes, you may struggle with what is the best business structure at each stage.

My Personal Rules: The Top 10 List to Business Success or Failure!

Funny and insightful; stuff you just won’t believe. 1. My daddy said the customer is always right, especially when wrong. Never forget that! 2. People tend to support what they help create. Learn to rub up all over your staff. Build the team and make it fun.

Who Are Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs are unique in their willingness to take risk for reward. While the economy is forcing people into this role, it doesn’t change the fact that an entrepreneur has to do their homework and understand their markets if they are ever going to succeed in business.

Starting Your Business Effectively

If you are looking to start a business or simply expand, a serviced office is going to provide you with all the tools you will need for success. For this process, you are going to find that there will be different setups that you can choose from to effectively help you to do business. With this in mind, you are going to want to take the first steps in ensuring that you can get into an office space that meets your needs.

Work From Home – Tips

Working from home is becoming more and more popular not only to earn that little bit of extra cash but also as a full-time business opportunity. It is important to treat your home business as a business and not a hobby. A lot of people are looking for the fast track but unfortunately working from home requires a lot more effort and motivation than the traditional 9 – 5 job. Without structure and a dedicated entrepreneurial mindset it is just a hobby and the results will not flow as quickly as they may have. Part time effort gets part time results but if you treat it as a business and have a full-time dedication and mental focus then the rewards for your efforts will flow.

Successful Entrepreneurs Have Running Buddies

When you make the decision to go it alone, don’t go it alone. Find trusted advisors with whom you can kick around ideas and exchange inspiration. When times get tough – when you’re at that spot on the jogging trail where you find yourself bent over, hands-on-knees, gasping for air and looking for the courage to take on the next length… it’s handy to have a running buddy who simply says, “Come on, let’s go, you can do it…”

How Self Help Can’t Get Help

Most service providers and helping professionals, coaches, consultants, or change agents get into business by accident. Here are the four areas that I see self-help folks not helping themselves, and it is not only hurting their business it is killing an industry from its highest level of transformation.

Website Creation For SME’s – Becoming More and More Reasonable

Website creation for SME’s is becoming more and more reasonable these days. Gone are the days when one could not imagine having an online presence for his business due to its technicalities. Gone are the days that one would think that a website would need an expensive web designer to showcase what he has in his offline business.

The Economics of a Dream

What are the dream’s that motivate us to be more? We all want to be number one in something. What will we be willing to pay?

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